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There are certain challenging situations that may arise in marriage. One of this is handling an affair. There are two sides to this situation; there is the part of the erring spouse and that of the other spouse.

In an affair or adultery, the bulk of the work lies on the spouse that had an affair, the responsibility is on him/her. The responsibility of the other spouse is just to be supportive and to forgive.

The erring spouse has the responsibility of being brutally truthful, sincere and repentant.

There are some scenarios that the spouse is under demonic influence and finds it difficult to be sincere or truthful. Prayers to God for healing by giving him/her a new and clean heart will be necessary; this is because to successfully handle an affair squarely requires sincerity and truthfulness.

Let’s see some practical steps in handling an affair.

1. Confrontation

The first step to handling an affair is confronting it. What you don’t confront, you can never change. The erring spouse should come to a place where he/she knows that having an affair is an attempt of the devil to steal, kill and destroy you.

You should call it a sin and not just a mistake; it is not confrontation when you still make excuses or when you explain.

2. Ask For Forgiveness

There is no forgiveness until there is a willingness to turn around from your sins. The erring spouse should acknowledge that he/she needs to be forgiven.

3. Seek Help And Support

That an affair has taken place shows that there are principles you don’t know, or there are principles you are taking for granted. You need to be educated and informed.

This is the time to search for books that talks about how to handle lust, how to handle affairs, how to set healthy boundaries, how to love and satisfy your spouse, etc.

What reading along this line does is that you get enlightened; when light comes, ignorance vanishes. It is also good to learn how you fell, because recognizing the pit-fall will help you avoid such next time.

I choose to honor my marriage vows.

Oh Lord, help me to Bea faithful spouse.

I bless GOD every chance I get; my lungs expand with his praise. –Psalms 34:1 (MSG)

Follow the above steps of you are guilty.

Job 5-6

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