Wrong reasons for getting married

Here Are Ten Wrong Reasons For Getting Married Part 2

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5. Getting married because a pastor or parent said so

Yes, pastors and parents can advise and give a go-ahead. But you also have to be convinced by yourself. Your parent or pastor will not live in the marriage with you. Marry because there is peace, purpose, attraction, and compatibility. Hear God for yourself.

6. Getting married to someone you cannot submit to

Wives are called to ultimately submit to their own husbands. However, submission in marriage is also mutual. Never marry someone you are not ready or willing to submit to.

7. Getting married when you are not ready to love as Christ loves the church

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Christ is the perfect example of love; the God kind of love that is without selfish motive. If you cannot love sacrificially, don’t marry that person.

8. Getting married just because you are from the same tribe or have things in common

You are not marrying because of your tribe or home town. You are marrying that person because you want to fulfill purpose and destiny together.

9. Getting married because people advised or counsel you to do so

People’s advice and counsel can very well be wrong and misleading. Only God leads well and right. God will not ask the people, He will ask you. Be answerable for your own destiny. Don’t marry solely out of people’s advice.

10. Getting married because of the present alone

Don’t marry a person because of his/her present situation alone. Have deep consideration for his/her future too. Is he rich now but on his way to being poor because he lacks the power to sustain and multiply wealth? That is one of the pertinent questions to ask.

Have a great day!

I will marry rightly.

Lord, lead me to the right person for me.

Isaiah 30:21 [KJV] And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.

Pray in the spirit.

Isaiah 30

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Here Are Ten Wrong Reasons For Getting Married Part 2

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