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Every Husband Must Hear This! I feel like the Samaritan woman this morning, who excitedly went into the town and told all the men about Jesus.

The woman then left her waterpot, and went her way into the city, and saith to the men, Come, see a man, which told me all things that ever I did: is not this the Christ?  John 4:28 – 29 KJV 

I believe men really need to hear by revelation and have an encounter with Jesus. It makes all the difference. Men (of course our husbands) are the ones God gave the command, to love their wives like Christ loved the church.

I guess it just makes a lot of sense that they need an encounter with the man Jesus so that they can learn to be like Him. 

What really makes Jesus who He is? What did Jesus represent and what did He come to the world to show us? I believe He came to show us the God kind of faith. To show us how to live the faith life. He lived here on earth as a man to show us how men (by extension, women also) ought to live.

If we are going to love our wives like Christ loved the church, it’s going to be by faith. Jesus wants every Husband to be men of faith. Every Husband Must Hear This

Talking about faith, our example of faith who walked by faith is our father, Abraham. His journey of faith started with God calling him to leave his kindred and father’s house.

I love the Amp translation
NOW [in Haran] the Lord said to Abram, Go for yourself [for your own advantage] away from your country, from your relatives and your father’s house, to the land that I will show you. [Heb. 11:8-10.] And I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you [with abundant increase of favors] and make your name famous and distinguished, and you will be a blessing [dispensing good to others]. Genesis 12:1 – 2 AMPC

This is the similar instruction God gave to Adam as a key to having a successful marriage.

Therefore a man shall ‘leave’ his father and his mother and shall become united and cleave to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. Genesis 2:24 AMPC 

Every Husband is called to a life of faith. It takes faith to leave the familiar and go on a journey trusting in God.

You cannot love a woman if you are a natural man. Challenges of life will come. What will you overcome them with? The bible says faith is our victory. Faith is what gives us victory 100% of the time.

In leaving your father’s house or kindred, God actually wants us to ‘leave’ the ideals, methods, and ways of this natural world. He wants us to live by another standard. Which is the standard of faith. This is done by renewing our minds.

Husbands you have to be men of faith. Every Husband Must Hear This

Romans 12:2 AMPC
Do not be conformed to this world (this age), [fashioned after and adapted to its external, superficial customs], but be transformed (changed) by the [entire] renewal of your mind [by its new ideals and its new attitude], so that you may prove [for yourselves] what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God, even the thing which is good and acceptable and perfect [in His sight for you].

You love your wife by being ‘a saviour’ to her. You enforce what is written over your marriage.

I remember just before our wedding, I was ill suddenly and was taken to the hospital. I actually passed out.  It was the prayer of faith of my fiance, now my husband that revived me.

Life will be full of crises and challenges. Husbands, the greatest gift you can give your wife and family is to be a man of faith. 

Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word. Be a man of the word.

Read the word, study it, meditate on it, confess it and begin to live by faith.

 “Look at the proud one, His soul is not right within him, But the righteous will live by his faith [in the true God]. Habakkuk 2:4 AMP

God bless our marriage

I am a man (woman) of faith. I develop my faith and I experience victory over life’s challenges

I receive grace to begin to walk by faith in Jesus’ name

Look at the proud one, His soul is not right within him, But the righteous will live by his faith [in the true God]. Hab 2:4

Begin to live by your own faith 

Heb 11


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