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You must learn to choose your friends wisely, for they can make you or mar you. Let’s look at the story of Dele, Kemi and the purse.

“She won’t know!” Dele said, urging Kemi to take some money out of Kemi’s mother’s purse. “I don’t think she counted it.”

They were at Kemi’s house watching a movie. Kemi’s mother had just come back from the market and left her bag on the chair beside them.

“I don’t want to take her money,” Kemi said. “I can always ask her for money and she will give me.”

A friend is not supposed to encourage you to commit a sin. Stealing is a sin because you are taking what does not belong to you, even if the person is a family member, close friend, or classmate. As long as what you have taken isn’t yours and you don’t have permission to do so, it is still a sin.

Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.

1 Cor 15:33 [KJV]

Be careful of friends like Dele. Friends who urge you to steal. Don’t make friends with such people. Choose your friends wisely because your choice of friends deeply influences your choices, actions, behavior, and attitude.

Good friends help to strengthen your relationship with God and your parents. They offer help, support, encourage you to be a good person, and not the other way round. They tell you the truth when you are wrong.

Bad friends will influence in negative ways that will disturb your walk with God and keep you at loggerheads with your parents constantly. Their influence can seep deep into your whole life, causing you so much pain later in life.

Lord, give me good friends that will help me know you more. Amen.

Action plans:
Take a good look at your friends. Have there been times when they have asked you to do something wrong?

My children are surrounded by good friends. They are not negatively influenced in Jesus name, amen.

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