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All Hail The King And The Queen! It is certain that every husband wants to be the king in their marriage. Where they are treated with so much honor, dignity, respect, admiration and given all the attention fit for the king. It is every husband’s dream to be so treated. 

The wives are not left out also. Every wife wants to be the queen of her man’s heart. She loves to be treated with dignity and honor. She loves the tender, loving care. Not the cruel, cold and unaffectionate treatment of a harsh husband. 

So, what is All Hail The King And The Queen all about? We all love to reign both in life and in our marriages. Probably because we were created in God’s image and likeness. God is not in any way against our reigning as kings and queens especially in our homes and marriages.

God has made provision for us on how we can reign in life and I bet to say in our marriages as married couples. Let’s look at the scriptures. In Proverb 4:4b in the The Passion Translation, it says, …Never forget my words. If you do everything that I teach you, you will reign in life’.

All Hail The King And The Queen! Do you want to reign in your marriage? Kings and queens don’t struggle to reign. Follow God’ s instruction in Pro4:4. It’s pretty simple.

a. Don’t forget His words

b. Do everything He teaches you.

So we all see why God’s word is so important to us. God’s word is the key to your becoming a king and a queen in your own marriage. Be a doer of the word. Start being intentional about reading and doing the word. The word of God is full of instructions on how you can reign. Let your word be full of authority by the Word. 

I see you reigning.

God bless your marriage. All Hail The King And The Queen

Thought  for the day
Pro 4:4  Then my father taught me, saying, “Never forget my words. If you do everything that I teach you, you will reign in life.” 

Prayer for the day
Lord I will do everything you teach me and not forget your words in Jesus name.

Confession for the day
I am a doer of the word. I learn, I do and I am not a forgetful hearer.

Action plan for the day
Be intentional about reading God’s word

Bible reading for the day 
Proverbs 4


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