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It takes the grace of God for you accept discipline with humility. The most natural way you would likely react would be to reject it instantly. Maybe, you spent longer than you should at a friend’s place and your mother grounds you.

“But, it was just 30 minutes” you say to her. Instantly your brows build up a storm on your face, your mouth shoots out, you fold your arms and turn an almost 180 degree away from your mother. This is not how to accept discipline with humility.

“Not just 30 minutes only, you also didn’t wash the dirty plates in the sink before you left,” your mum replies.

Just 30 minutes, but you stayed longer than you should and didn’t wash the plates also.

The first thing you should have said was “I am sorry, mummy.” That’s how to accept discipline with humility.
That alone would first make your mother calm down.

“I will wash the plates immediately.”
Another sentence that will douse the situation again. Then you can start to give your reasons for staying long, that is if they are tenable. If they are not don’t say anything. Accept discipline with humility.

Saying sorry is a sign of true humility. It shows you are sorry for your actions and are open to making amends for what you have done.

Here is what the bible says about people who are humble

“The Lord hates those who are proud. You can be sure that they will be punished. Psalms 149: 4 ICB.

“God is against the proud but he gives grace to the humble” James 4:6 ICB.

God doesn’t like pride because it is a sin. Pride in your salvation through Christ and as a God’s creation is good. Learn humility; accept discipline with humility.

Being proud is saying that you are above mistakes and therefore can’t and shouldn’t be corrected. As a child, you need to be always corrected.

May God give you a heart that is open to correction. Amen.

Lord, give me the spirit of humility through Your Holy Spirit. Teach me to accept discipline with humility. In Your mighty name I pray, amen.

Action point:
Remember to always apologise first before giving excuses.

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