Questions You Need To Ask Him Before Saying Yes – Part 3

Questions You Need To Ask Him Before Saying Yes – Part 3

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Today, we will continue by looking at more questions.

These questions are not the ultimate deciders, but just to simply guide you on how to engage a prospective lover, and they are better asked before falling head over heels in love.

Once you fall in love, the reasoning capacity to tender questions becomes weak, judgments are beclouded and love shields from reality.

It is even worse when sex is involved, the capacity to ask questions is dead, the mind becomes convoluted, intricately folded into confusion weaves.

This confusion of the soul often works in consonance with soul ties, and it can really make a person take the unwisest decisions ever, only to start regretting later.

Ladies, never proceed into a love adventure without asking questions, for after you have started, the power to ask resets to zero because his pursuit is over, value diminishes and the hunter in him hangs the bow and arrow.

He now owns you!

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Let’s go.

6. Mentors
Does he have mentors? Who are his mentors? If he doesn’t have mentors before now, why? Is it more of ignorance on mentoring benefits or defiance and arrogance on needlessness of mentoring?

This has to be sorted.  Assuming he never had, is he willing to get one?

In his response being a Yes, is it a quick answer because he quickly wants to get past your questions, or is he genuine in his response?

This is where you need the Holy Spirit to read in-between the lines, to trust God to help you expose any lying and deceptive spirit.

If he says No, he doesn’t need a mentor, then you should know there would be issues. He is not ready to take counsel, he is averse to authority figures over him.

The issue is when he misbehaves, who do you report him to?


To be continued…

I will marry rightly. I will ask the right questions.

Lord, lead me to the right person for me.

Isaiah  30:21 [KJV] And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.

Pray in the spirit.

Isaiah 30

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