The Art Of Running Away With Your Lover – Part 2

The Art Of Running Away With Your Lover – Part 2

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Continued from yesterday…

Take me away with you! Let’s run off together! An elopement with my King-Lover! We’ll celebrate, we’ll sing, we’ll make great music. Yes! For your love is better than vintage wine. Everyone loves you—of course! And why not?Son 1:4 (MSG)

There is an elopement with God, your lover that will extricate your life’s struggles and agonies!

Lord, I want to elope with you!

The way you desire to just be with your lover in one resort where you are looking into each other’s eyes and verbalizing some romantic nonsensical words is the same way you should desire to elope with God into some retreat, verbalizing your cares and your concerns.

The way you enjoy looking into the eyes of your lover is the way you should enjoy beholding the word of God.

The way your adrenaline flows at the appearance of your lover is the way your passion should come alive at the mention of His name!

God’s love is better than vintage wine!

Doth wine make you merry? Oh, try the love of God. It will get you drunk in Him!

Holy Ghost joy will flood your soul and His word will become a joy and rejoicing of your heart.

It is when your love for God is fully expressed that God becomes committed to finding that loved one!

God’s love teaches you how to love your lover appropriately and not selfishly. God’s love teaches you how to be romantic, how to be a lover boy or girl, how to be faithful to your spouse, and how not to cheat on your loved one!

Before you fall in love, before you give your heart out, is he a God-lover? Has he run away with God before? Has he eloped with God into some private moments with divinity?

If he hasn’t done that, he cannot love you appropriately! You are too precious to be loved illegally.

When he or she comes asking for your love, ask him or her, have you eloped? Have you run off with Him? Then that determines whether you can run with him or her.

If you dare run away with the one that has not run with God, not even GPS can locate you!

You will not disappear from heavenly radar! You will not be lost under His favour radar! God will give you His direction! You will not be confused!

Be blessed!

I choose to run off with God.

Ask for inner strength to develop and sustain a relationship with God

Song 1:4 [GNT]Take me with you, and we’ll run away; be my king and take me to your room. We will be happy together, drink deep, and lose ourselves in love. No wonder all women love you!

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