Not Too Young To Rule

Not Too Young To Rule

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Children, there is something I want to bring to your hearing this morning. You must have heard the phrase ‘not too young to rule’. Yes, that is what I want to talk to you about.

Many times, we relax and allow things to slip past our fingers because we have this notion that we are too young to do certain things.

We tend to procrastinate things till when we are much older. Truth be told, there are certain things we can’t do by virtue of age, physical stature, law, and so on, but there are still certain things we can venture into while still young.

Seek ye the LORD while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near: KJV- Isa 55:6 

One good you can do to yourself is to seek the Lord in your tender age. having a good foundation of the Lord, of scriptures, God’s promises, from now helps shapen the type of person we become when we grow up.

As parents, we are to ensure our children seek God early in life. No one is too young to seek God.

The bible records that Josiah became King at a very tender age and he ruled well.

The above verse tells us that there comes a time when the Lord may not be found. Hence, it is wise for us to align ourselves in the way of the Lord from now.

As long as you can call on your parents, then you should be able to call on God. God will answer because he is interested in children.

I will seek the Lord early in life. Amen

Lord, help me to see you early.

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