More Ways To Practically Confront Lust

More Ways To Practically Confront Lust

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Here is the concluding part of yesterday’s devotional.

We are taking masturbation as an example.

Please, note that your weakness or lust don’t have to be sexual alone, it could be gluttony, for example.

7. You have identified it as wrong, sinful and a serious weakness.

8. The next thing to do is to seek help through counsel and prayers.

Find your pastor or mentor who you can confide in and talk to that person. Let him or her counsel you and pray with you.

The moment you have taken this step, you have also become accountable in a sense. You know that there is somebody who knows what you are dealing with and who you can call anytime for quick advice. You also give that person the right and permission to check on you regularly.

9. The next thing is to spiritually guard yourself. Every weakness and lust takes place in the heart first.

Now you need to build a fence around your heart with God’s word, not once a week, but every day without fail. The moment you stop reading, studying and meditating on God’s word, you become vulnerable. This is probably the most crucial step to take in all.

Read God’s word daily without fail! This is what this ministry tries to help believers do through KHC devotionals.

Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life. (Proverbs 4:23 KJV)

10. The next thing is to destroy every trigger. There are things that aid this particular lust. That could be a friend that sends you links, some movies you have on your drives, some pornographic materials you keep and so on.

You take a practical step and destroy every trigger. You may have to disconnect from some people. Every Delilahs, Jezebels, Amnons have to go! There are people you know that once you visit them or they visit you, it will always end in feeding your weakness and land you in a sexual sin. Disconnect from such people. That is how to preserve your destiny!

Everything appearance of them, you run the other way. That is what you have to practically do on your part.

11. Learn the power of exposure. Iniquity is perpetuated in the atmosphere of secrecy. The moment you know you are about to give in to this particular lust, which is usually behind your doors, open your door, walk out and change your environment for a moment. It helps a lot that way.

That is why the Bible says ‘Flee Fornication,’ and not ‘Let’s reason together!’ Pray in the Spirit as you flee and supply some strength to your inner man. That is how to put your body under and mortify the deeds of the flesh.

12. Lastly, the scripture says walk in the Spirit and you will not fulfill the lust of the flesh. To walk in the Spirit means to be in step with the Holy Spirit. Ask Him everything you want to do before you do them. It is a good lifestyle that will cleanse you of all immoralities.

For example, you have made up your mind to ask Him about everything. You feel like masturbating. How do you ask, “Dear Holy Spirit, can I …..”

As those thoughts of compromising come, He raises a standard within you to crush them because you are in step with Him. That is a thought that is trying to exalt itself itself against the knowledge of God, you cast it down by the help of the Holy Spirit.

He will not lead you into a guy’s house who has intentions of forcefully sleeping with you. He will tell you, ‘Don’t go there!’ You catch the drift? He cleanses your thoughts and your words when you relate with Him on that level and gives you strength to overcome every temptation.

I pray that God will give you more strength in your inner man to confront every lust in Jesus name!

What more ways do you think can be employed to deal with weaknesses? Let me hear you in the comment section.

I will fulfil purpose in Jesus name

As I explore more ways to deal with my weaknesses, Lord, help me.

Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life. (Proverbs 4:23 KJV)

List more ways you can confront those weaknesses.

Ps 127