My Children Are As A Well Nurtured Garden

My Children Are As A Well Nurtured Garden

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One thing we can equate the growth of our children to is that of a garden. My Children are as a well nurtured garden.

The bible tells us that;

May our sons in their youth be like plants full grown, our daughters like corner pillars cut for the structure of a palace;

Psalms 144:12 (ESV)

A well-nurtured garden is always pleasant to look at or to relax in, but no one will desire to stay in an untidy garden. A garden is not left all by itself to be well nurtured, it takes a conscious effort.

Likewise, for our children, we must work towards nurturing them by teaching them the word of God, praying for them, and believing in God to become what he has created them to be.

We should always pray that our children will be strong and straight and pointed toward heaven. Not dwarfed by bad habits or foolish choices, not choked out by the weeds of the world, but they will be of visible character who stands alone, strong enough to withstand the storms of life.

Also pray that God grants them visible strength, godly character, and the beauty of full development.

Oh Lord, cause my children to be as healthy as a well-nurtured garden; Amen

Action plan:
Read and study more of God’s word

My children are blessed to flourish at an early age so that they bring forth the good fruit of godly character.

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