E Shock You? – Before Love Turns Into Shock – Part 2

E Shock You? – Before Love Turns Into Shock – Part 2

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…continued from yesterday

6. People Change

As a marriage counselor for some years, I can rightly say that it is true some people really love the Lord, but along the way, there is a turn around. This can be due to negative influence, change of environment, pressure that comes with marriage, choice of career and so on. Whatever it is, when you find yourself in this kind of scenario, you need to quickly find a marriage counselor to talk to.

7. Meeting In Church Guarantees Nothing

When you meet a new person in a church setting, beyond falling in love with some height or some hot legs, find out how involved he is in church. Is he or she a worker in that church? How long has he or she been in the church? Does the pastor know him or her personally? Is he filled with the Holy Spirit?

All these do not guarantee a successful or stress free marriage, however, they go a long way to establish some credibility and spirituality of the person involved. This is a better approach than meeting someone in church and on the same day, you are in his house! You must learn how to protect yourself!

8. Renewal of Mind Factor

You need to know that being born again can be genuine and yet the guy or lady is still involved in some sharp practices. When you are born again, your spirit is regenerated, but your mind is in the process of being renewed as you listen to God’s word.

This often takes time and is determined by how studious you are in the word and how much time you give to the study of God’s word. In the process of the mind being renewed, a lot of ‘sinful’ mistakes can happen. As long as they are not habitual, God will forgive and you will be okay. But when you do something habitually and unrepentantly, the conscience becomes seared and a religious spirit takes over.

Don’t get caught up with all the erroneous teachings flying over the place that grace will cover for your habitual sins. That you can continue sinning and grace will keep covering for you. That is an error from the pit of hell.

I will not miss it in marriage.

Lord, help me to trust you.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Pray for insight

John 3


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