Praying For Others – Comfort For Loss Of A Loved One

Praying For Others – Comfort For Loss Of A Loved One

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Losing a loved one is a painful experience. During such a period, they need to be comforted because of the pain they are in. They miss their loved ones and are trying to come to terms with not having them around anymore. This can truly be an excruciating experience for people.

At such a time of loss of a loved one, they need to be comforted and only God can do that for them. No word that anyone can speak will be able to offer the much needed comfort, if God does not come in. And how do we bring God into the situation? It is simply by praying for these ones.

You can pray to God to comfort the people that has lost a loved one. Before you go to say a word to them, get on your knees and say a prayer for them. Only He can comfort them as they should be comforted. His love for them will make Him to.

Say their names in prayer, asking that the grace of God will help them get back on their feet and continue with their lives. Losing a loved one will definitely create a gap in the lives of the people, but God is able to fill up that gap and make their lives whole again. That is the reason you need to pray for comfort for them.

May the Lord comfort you at all times. Amen.

Lord, please comfort all those who need to be comforted right now. Help the people who has lost a loved one to receive your comfort and love in the name of Jesus. Amen

Action point:
Pray for that person you know who has just lost a loved one. Pray that they will receive comfort right now.

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