3 Things Men Want in Their Wives

3 Things Men Want in Their Wives

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Couples – 3 Things Men Want in Their Wives. The first one is Respect

Men thrive better in marriage when their wives trust and respect them. I believe it is not just a need but how men are wired. They are wired to love and respond to respect.

You can make respect a priority in your marriage consciously. Your husband will always sense your attitude of respect. Respect in words and actions even in the very little things can make your husband calm and not uptight or harsh. With our soft answers, we can make them feel great.

Wives, be wise, don’t answer your husbands with a disrespectful tone or body language.

When he knows he has a wife that respects and celebrates his opinions he won’t want to exert his headship.

 I guess it makes them feel on top of the world. You know like the feeling of being a king. 

As the children grow, it is also essential to teach them and show them by example how to respect the man of the house.

The Bible also gives clear instructions, not a suggestion to wives to respect their husbands in Ephesians 5:33b CEV translation “…and wives should respect their husbands.

Respect can be expressed in so many ways. Ask your own husband how he will like you to respect him. Since respect means different things to different people.

2. Intimacy

Men love it when they know that their wives are devoted to them. All men love it when you touch them. So, don’t allow the day to pass without your rubbing your husband’s back, or head, giving him a hug, a kiss, cuddling when watching a movie, or cuddling in bed. Just touch everywhere and anywhere. He is your husband.

Every Husband wants to know they are attracted to their wives physically. So initiate sex  Let your husband know that he is the best and that he is still the handsome guy you fell in love with.  

Share deep thoughts and feelings with him. Be vulnerable and let your husband know how you feel about issues and communicate without inhibitions.

3. Appreciation

Men do a lot in terms of keeping the family together especially good men. Being a good husband, father and a good provider is not an easy task. This is one of the 3 Things Men Want in Their Wives

So your husband will do well with some praise and appreciation

Be generous with your appreciation and praise. Don’t just appreciate your husband in your thoughts and in your heart. Learn to verbalize your appreciation. Say thank you, to your husband for helping out around the house. Don’t take those things for granted.

Say thank you for every little thing he does. Be quick to notice little and big gestures. Let them be big deals to you. Thanking your husband is very powerful, little wonder it’s one of the magic words

Celebrate his success and achievement. Be passionate about his work or job. Thank him for his effort, hard work, and diligence.

 Let your husband be sure of your praise if any other person doesn’t praise him. 

Leave short notes for him, letting him know how much you appreciate him.

Don’t focus on things you don’t have or the things he doesn’t do. Focus on the things he does and he will do more. It is a law, what you focus on becomes bigger and of course, he will also get better at being a good husband. These are the 3 Things Men Want in Their Wives.

I am a good wife. I focus on meeting the needs of my husband always. I am not weary of doing good.

I ask for grace to be a doer of what my husband needs in Jesus mighty name 

In any case, as for you individually, each one of you should love his wife as himself, and wives should respect their husbands.  Ephesians 5:33 CEV

Respect your husband, appreciate and be intimate with him

Ephesians 5


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