How To Embrace The Love of The Father – Part 2

How To Embrace The Love of The Father – Part 2

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Continued from yesterday…

As you read this, let every hurt and bitterness that you have towards God and man go, for it is an attempt of the devil to draw you into deception and depression. God is gracious! He is willing to stoop low to bless you. As a Father, He is full of compassion. When you begin to think about this, it is amazing how you will experience that compassion. God is good towards you. You are the work of His hands.

Rather than get bitter toward God, think about how His goodness and compassion will get you out of any mess.

As a single, you might have been abused or violated before you reached the age of accountability. Rather than give up and be regarded as part of the unfortunate statistics of sexual abuse, rise from that abyss, get out of the doldrums of yester-years, and look unto Him that is able to save to the uttermost.

He will embrace you and wipe the tears off your face. He will heal every wound, take all bitterness away from your heart, and bring out the best in you.

Think about it. Believe it. His tender mercies are over you. Respond to His love and experience the tender love of divinity coming upon your humanity.

You see, in order to enjoy that fullness of God’s love, you have to synergize with God and cooperate with His principles.

I see you rising from that problem that has kept you down for long. I see light dawning upon your soul. I see God’s word percolating every pressure and dismantling them.

His love is awesome. Thank him for His love. Forget about what you are going through, and dwell on what He went through for you! It changes the whole equation, and the devil will retreat. You will come to know that it is only by responding to God’s love that you understand how to love others and how to be loved!

I see you having victory!

I position myself to benefit from God’s tender mercies. Goodness and mercy are following me.

I uproot every root of bitterness from my life in Jesus Name.

You are merciful, LORD! You are kind and patient and always loving. You are good to everyone, and you take care of all your creation. (Psa 145:8-9 CEV)

Make a list of all who have offended you in the past. Consciously let go and forgive them. It might not look easy, but do it all the same.

Jer 32-33


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