These Are What I Did Because I Was In Love

These Are What I Did Because I Was In Love

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Well, you can know.
It is so easy to know but we often close our eyes to the obvious signs. I am going to use myself as an example.

Ours is a typical campus lovebirds story. There are ways I felt and there are things I did.

While these may not be specific things he must do as well, they are just to guide you in actually knowing whether the love is genuine.

1. I wanted to be with her always

More than anything, I wanted to be around her.

Something is not in place when he is not bothered about not seeing you in months.

A lady once told me she is preparing for marriage and yet the husband-to-be had not seen her in two years despite that they were just a few kilometers apart. Well, it turned out that he eventually left her for another person.

2. I felt like I was her protector

We all know God is her protector, but I had that feeling I was responsible for her.

This feeling engendered compassion which in turn informed my actions towards her.

If you have been slapped, be careful.
If you have been forcefully violated be careful.

If you have been left in the cold because he was angry not minding your safety, be careful.
If you have been massively embarrassed and shouted at in front of friends and families, be careful.

3. I wanted her to be happy

I couldn’t bear the sight of her being moody or downcast.

I would always try to make her laugh, quote scriptures to her about the joy of the Lord and all that.

If he doesn’t care about you being sad and depressed for days as a result of his actions, be careful. Things are not likely to change after the wedding.

If he seems to enjoy you being down and sad, something is wrong somewhere.

If he doesn’t care about you being pregnant again despite the trauma of the abortion you went through, you need to speak to your legs. Abortion is murder, it should not be trivialized.

By the time you have aborted twice, you really need to review your life and get out of that abusive relationship that will lead nowhere.

I make the right choice in God.

Lord, open my eyes to see what I cannot see.

1 Corinthians 13:4 Charity suffereth long, and is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up,

Open your eyes

1 cor 13


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