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One of Jesus’ popular messages on earth was centered around love. You should therefore learn how to show love.

Love for God and love for neighbor. Your neighbors includes: your family, friends, teachers and everyone you have an opportunity to meet.

Beyond loving God, God wants you to love everyone of these people and also show them how much you love them.

Showing how much you love your neighbor is proof that you are God’s child and you love God.

How do you show love to these people?

There are several ways to show love to people, I’d help by pointing out a few.

1. By being obedient to your parents.

2. By praying for everyone.

3. By not being a naughty child, either at home or in school.

4. By caring for your friends.

5. By helping out when you are needed.

May God help us to shoe love when needed in Jesus name, Amen.

Help me to be a love being oh Lord.

Action point:
Look out for ways you can show love to those around you.

I show love to all and sundry.

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