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Hello Champ! Trust you had a good night rest. I have a question for you this morning, and it goes thus: What are your biggest dreams?

As a young child, your imagination more than an adult is very active.

Most of your night times are full of dreams, and some of these dreams might appear impossible in the eyes of others. I totally understand.

Do you know that there is a Bible character who also had big dreams and upon sharing with his brothers and parents, they all didn’t believe him?

His name is Joseph, you must have read about him in your Bible story as “Joseph the Dreamer”

Guess what happened to Joseph at the end of it all? His dreams came to pass.

Yours too can. Think of the greatest thing in the world. As long as your mind can think about it then you can have!

Let me shock you a bit.

Do you know that even the things that your mind can never think of, God is able to make them come to pass?

Ask me how I know!

The bible says

…Yea, I have spoken it, I will also bring it to pass; I have purposed it, I will also do it. – Isa 46:11b (KJV)

So my dear children, don’t stop dreaming. Don’t get tired of seeing the future.

God bless you! Amen

Lord, help me to dream and dream big.

Action point:
Have you ever been scared of dreaming big? Shake off that feeling and go for the best.

I am a big dreamer.

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