Learn To Calm Down

Learn To Calm Down

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CHILDREN – Learn To Calm Down

Hello Champ, its another awesome time to learn from God’s word. Today I will be talking to you about anger and why you should always control your temper.

Let me tell you a story about an Angry boy, his name was Tobi.

Tobi was a young child who got angry at the slightest provocation. He had lots of scars on this body from head to toe as a result of always getting into a fight or breaking something when he is angry.

One day, just after the school bell rang for the close of school, while Tobi walked the school hall, one of his classmate ran pass him and mistakenly touched his school bag. Tobi got angry as usual and began shouting and cursing. Then all of a sudden, he charged angrily towards his classmate, aiming to punch him and start a fight. Just as he took the first step, he fell on the floor and landed flat on his face. Immediately, his two front teeth fell out and there was blood every where. Apparently, he stepped on a banana peal that made him slip.

He was rushed to the hospital but the damage was already done. He lost his upper incisors and his upper lip was also stitched.

From that time onward, his missing tooth reminded him to stay calm when he is about to be angry.

King Solomon has a word for you in his book, let’s take a look at it.

He who is slow to anger is better and more honorable than the mighty [soldier], And he who rules and controls his own spirit, than he who captures a city. —Proverbs 16:32 (AMP)

Dear child, it’s always better to be slow to anger, you shouldn’t respond angrily to any thing. Be patient and calm at all times, it is more honorable than showing you can fight or speak more hurtful words than your challenger.

Taking charge of your situation calmly just like the bible says is not equals taking control of a whole city, that action is greater.

Don’t get in a fight with anyone for any reason, learn to calm down at all times.

May God help you.