What Fasting Will Do and Not Do


1. Fasting is not just going hungry or giving up things
2. Not to flaunt our spirituality
3. Not to influence or push God into action
4. Not to try and get Him to do something
5. Not to impress God
6. Not to change God
7. Not to get God to speak to us
8. Not to give us spiritual superiority over others
9. Not to change God’s willingness to intervene
10. Not self-punishment or self-debasement
11. Not to help you seek strange visions
12. It’s about God getting through to us.


1. It changes us.
2. It turns down the voice of the world.
3. It shuts off the influence of the flesh
4. It clears out the clutter from your spirit.
5. It focuses our attention on Him.
6. It causes us to become more spiritually aware, sensitive, and sharp.
7. It aligns us with God, getting us in sync with Him and in His flow.
8. It positions us to receive from Him – guidance, direction, revelation, answers, healing, and provision – whatever is needed.
9. It provides a conducive atmosphere for the Glory of God – manifestations, demonstrations, exhibitions, signs, wonders, and miracles.
10. It helps us to be more sensitive to others by magnifying the fruit of the spirit – gives you a heart for people improving your love walk.
11. It helps you enter the rest.
12. Builds up the human spirit by putting as little demand on the flesh as possible.

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