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It’s a new dawn! Thank God for the blessings of his word to us daily on KHC.

I’ll be pointing out something crucial to look out for in a brother or sister before you get committed to a marital relationship.

There are many qualities a lot of people consider in a partner when it concerns marital relationships. This is usually based on individual differences, tastes, and perceptions. Amongst all other qualities to be considered, I want you to note one important quality that shouldn’t be compromised or overlooked. And this answers who you should marry.

Marry your friend.

‘FRIEND’ is one letter away from ‘FIEND’.

A friend is a person who you know well.

A friend is a person you share your life with and without shame or fear of rejection.

A friend is a person you can trust.

A friend is a person you have affection for.

A friend is a person who is willing to make sacrifices.

A friend is a person who shares his/her life with you- either in good or bad times.

A friend is a person who helps you grow…

This list is inexhaustible. Look carefully.

You must find a friend in your partner to be, and there is no best friend other than your spouse in marriage.

A healthy marital relationship must be incipient on God’s will and good friendship. Imagine you are locked/stuck with someone you don’t really get along with and you have to be trying. It might work out between you two but that may wear you out. Why not lay a friendly foundation as lead by God and build on it, other than trying to know the person in marriage (although, there are discoveries in marriage, but for couples who were friends before tieing the knot, these discoveries would only make them better couples).

A lasting and blissful marriage is a union of two friends. Stop playing a friend because you are interested in him or her- just be it and be real!

Proverbs 18:22
“Some friendships don’t last for long, but there is one loving friend who is joined to your heart closer than any other!”

Friendship is fundamental in a marital relationship. Be a loyal friend to those that call you friend, because you may not know who you’d eventually be walking down the aisle with.

I will prepare myself as a loyal friend to my spouse

Lord, let my partner find a friend in me.

A true friend sticks closer than a brother

Prepare to be a committed friend

1st Cor. 13