Termination Of Employment Stopped By God

Today I faced a disciplinary panel over an incident involving two aircrafts that collided while I was moving one of the aircrafts. The circumstances surrounding the incident proved beyond doubt that I was at fault. 90% of the panelists had approved my sacking even before the final hearing of the matter. So the day before I would go to face the panel for the final hearing, I called on Pastor Dunamis to pray for me for God’s intervention. I also posted a prayer request on this platform asking members to pray for me. I called a couple of friends to also join me in prayers. To the glory of God, after the last hearing, God turned everything around in my favour. I wasn’t sacked as earlier agreed on by the panel, instead I was only punished with an 8 weeks suspension without pay. If I had been fired from the job it would have shattered my forthcoming wedding plans but our God successfully put the enemy to shame. I want to thank God for His divine intervention, and thanks too to the Man of God Pastor Dunamis and all of you who prayed for me. Our God is a prayer answering God. Hallelujah!!!