favour and restoration

i want to thank God for showing himself strong in my life and giving me favor round about. after my first year in nursing the south african nursing council went on strike n needed some kind of accreditation which affected the private nursing school (we see it as been a politically fight). waited for one whole year for us to be called back to school but still no update. in january we were told that we might resume in june but only on the 8 day of april we got a mail from school that they are sorry for keeping our hopes high and as such we are advised to look into other schools because they might not even resume this year. it was a moment of pain n sorrow for me because the government school wont take foreigners. back home in nigeria nobody understood, some thought i had dropped out. i heard of paramedics admission process, i applied only for me to me told on the day of submission that application had close the previous Friday which was 15th April i didn’t give up i went on to submit the application. on the 24th April i read the devotion (i prophesy unto you this morning, restoration), i claimed it as if it was directly for me only, that same sunday evening i got a mail that i will be short listed for the entrance exam if before 10am d next day Monday i will send copy of my ID and credentials. i immediately did, because it was quite unusual for a school admission board to attend to files on a weekend. after the entrance exam i was supposed to go for the physical fitness exam on the 5th of may 7:30am but got a mail of 10am and i didn’t know about the time change i got there at 9:30am i was almost crying then i remembered we had prayed for favor on the 25 April. so braced up myself to face the authorities and explained to them, they were so loving and kind and conducted my own personal shuttle run, sit-ups and push-ups, stretcher carrying, 200m swimming, object retrieval from under water and other exercises. one part of me said, ‘you know white people only act nice, since they only need a few student this will be a reason to disqualify you’, but another part of me said “God is not a task master’, you cannot wait on God and he will let you down. glory to God i was given the admission in midst of all the white applicants and will be resuming school on the 6th of june

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