A new car and deliverance from death

One of my aspirations in 2016 was to get a car because it’s a necessity and not a luxury. God granted my request and gave me the car on the 8th of MAY(during this KHC FASTING). I Dedicated the car to God in church and I started using it. On the 20th May, after choir rehearsal I decided to drop some brethren at home. I parked at the side of the road with the hazard light on just to drop a sister. It was not up to 2mins I heard a loud bang from behind. I was hit by a jeep (I felt I was day dreaming). The jeep swerved me to the major road, it might have been disastrous if the oncoming vehicles were not proactive. I just wanted to thank God because he delivered me from the hands of death. Glory to God!!!!, the devil has failed over my destiny.

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