Your Wedding Versus Marriage

Your Wedding Versus Marriage

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As they walked down the aisle, Kunle holding his bride, and their faces punctuated with laughter and sheer joy. Betty and Kunle are finally getting married and both of them were so happy.

They had looked forward to this day. Preparations were in top gear as they pumped millions into ensuring the day was glorious. They left no stone unturned, and both of them even borrowed some money for the D-Day. The day was colourful, and people went home belly-full. Everybody eat to their satisfaction as they hired the best caterer in town.

By the time they arrived at the honeymoon venue, they were both exhausted. And now, a new chapter of their life begins.

That day was super and that was it. The wedding was over and marriage began. Reality sets in. Few weeks after the wedding, the pressures showed up in their numbers and with the pressures are different scenarios.

My point this morning? We all put in a lot of preparation and resources into one day often at the detriment of the real thing. We spend millions on feeding guests while we cannot spend a couple of thousands required to take a good marriage counseling.

Here are a few things to note

1. Do not overstretch yourself because of a one-day event.
It is foolishness to borrow and feed people while you spend the next six months in debt and are unable to feed yourselves properly.

2. Work more at the comfort of your spouse after the wedding.
Some couples will sit on some golden beautiful settee on their wedding days and then arrange plastic chairs in the living room afterward. Who are we really trying to impress?

3. You and your intended spouse should draw a budget and work within the budget.
Agree on how you want the day to look and prioritize your home after the wedding

4. Lastly, do not allow folk in the family to draw you into unnecessary spending.
Be wise. Be circumspect.

I pray God to grant you more understanding

I am wise and circumspect.

Ask for divine wisdom to plan your wedding

Matt 19:16 (AMP) So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore, what God has joined together, let no one separate.”

Prepare for your marriage

Prov 4

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