KHC Partners

KHC – Kisses and Huggs Club is a unique ministry raised by God at such times like this to bring the light of God into relationships and marriages. In the past years, KHC has provided counsel and positive marital intervention to crisis laden relationships and marriages. Thousands of members from every part of the world are ministered to daily through morning devotions, evening prayers, phone calls and through online means. Testimonies abound to the glory of God. The church arm of the ministry, Shouts of Grace Center (SGC) is head-quartered in Ibadan, Nigeria.

This site is one further attempt at pushing the vision forward in the area of raising an army of intercessors who can pray and be prayed for. When we pray, tremendous powers are made available. The facilitators are Dunamis & Sophia Okunowo. The vision KHC is outlined below:

Vision (Singles)
To raise a generation of people devoid of sexual perversion who will say NO to Sex outside marriage, who will be committed to sexual sanctity, whose ultimate goal is their relationship with God, who will put the Word of God first place and who will walk in the spirit daily.

Vision (Married Couples)
To emphasize marital commitments, marital sanctity, a good family life and raising godly children as instituted by God, and to restore godly passion in marriages thereby bringing about a radical reduction of divorce

Use any options below to give.

1. Within Nigeria:
a. Guarantee Trust Bank
Account Name: Kisses and Huggs Club
Account Number: 0150088032

b. Diamond Bank
Account Name: Kisses and Huggs Club
Account Number: 0080369418

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2. Outside Nigeria:
You can pay from anywhere in the world using this option. Payment is Processed by 2CheckOut. Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by Kisses and Huggs Club.

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Monthly Partnership – Click as Applicable

  1. $10 – Bronze Partner Monthly (BPM)
  2. $25- Silver Partner Monthly (SPM)
  3. $50 – Gold Partner Monthly (GPM)
  4. $100 – Platinum Partner Monthly (PPM)
  5. $250 – Royal Platinum Partner Monthly (RPPM)
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  1. $10 – Mini Bronze Partner Once
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  7. $100 – Silver Partner Once  
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  9. $200 – Gold Partner Once
  10. $500 – Platinum Partner Once
  11. $1000 – Royal Platinum Partner Once
  12. $5000 – KHC Hub Once Medium
  13. Request for a Specific Amount not indicated here