General Confession

Take this confession as many times as you can today.
Written by Pastor Sophia

Lord I give all the glory. I praise you for you are good and your mercies endure the forever. Thank you Lord because you are a covenant keeping God and a promise keeping God.

I declare my heavens are open. The flood gates of heaven are opened unto me. In my life, I experience God’s favor, mercies and goodness. Strange help is arising for me. Where the doors have being closed, they are opened for me.
In SGC and KHC we experience God’s Glory, supernatural increase and strange help. KHC event center is a reality. Our sons and daughter are coming with their silver and gold with them. Kings are coming to the brightness of our rising.
God has torn apart the heavens and showing forth His hand against our enemies. God is judging our enemies and we are coming out with great spoil.
There is a rains of God’s favour, goodness and mercies. Every abandoned project is a reality. Our heavens are opened and God is granting us access to nations and supernatural job openings are ours.
Strangers will help us and announce us. Every affliction and oppression of the devil is over. We have the victory. Every evil power is broken. We have escaped and there’s nothing the enemy can do about it.
Our marriages, family and children are goodly and godly. There is speed for every delay. Our relationships are working and they are God ordained. There is peace in every stormy situation, healing and health for our bodies and soul. There are great financial breakthroughs. Our angels are released and they are working on the behalf of our breakthroughs.
Thank you Lord because I will share my testimony. My testimony is a reality. The Lord is turning around my captivity and granting my greatest heart desire and I am like one in a dream.
My ears are opened, I hear Gods instructions and I obey. I am anointed with fresh oil and the eyes of my understanding is being enlightened. I am graced to do the will of God and fulfill destiny and purpose.
My mouth is anointed to declare God’s word. Glory to God, it is well with me and mine for we are kept by God’s mercies.

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