Declarations on Mercy

Lord, I thank you because I will enjoy your merciful and compassionate nature all the days of my life. You are kind, abundantly gracious towards me and slow to anger concerning my weaknesses (Ex.34:6).

Because of His covenant and faithfulness, the Lord treats me with great respect. The Lord continually remembers His Covenant and does not cast me away irrespective of any circumstance (2 Kings. 13:23).

When I stray, I throw myself at the mercy of my father and as I run to the outstretched arms of God, His tender mercies draw me close to Him. He is indeed my Abba Father, famous for great and wondrous acts of kindness (Job5:8).

Because of your great mercy Lord, wipe out my transgression and show me abundant mercy in this life. Let my life showcase what it means for God to be merciful to a man. Shower me with your mercy, let it be multidimensional (Ps.51:1).

The generous mercy of the Lord I trust in, makes my life a wonder to behold so I am distinguished and singled out of the crowd.(Ps. 52:8). The Lord turns to me and I enjoy His sweet and comforting loving kindness. The Lord sorts me out, I don’t need to struggle or be agitated in life because I am enjoying God’s Mercy (Ps. 69:16). I am not a victim of other people’s error because God will crown me with His tender mercies (Ps.103:4).

I am a product of mercy. God pours so much mercy over my life that even my enemies are compelled to show me favour. Because of God’s mercy, people are giving to me more than I am qualified for (Ps.106:46). My mouth will forever declare and thank you for the mercies that flow from your throne of Grace (Ps.107:8).

I enjoy direct access to God’s very presence and access to answered prayers always because I come according to the abundance of mercy I have received (Ps.116:1). I cry out loud for mercy in every situation because I know your mercy will always see me through and fill my mouth with testimonies (Ps 142:1).

How great are you, my God? You are full of tender mercies. How much of your super, frivolous and extravagant loving-kindness I enjoy? (Ps.145:8)

I rejoice this season because God is waiting to be gracious to me, My God is showing off and showing up in mercy over my situation, therefore I have the victory (Joel 2:17). Because of your graciousness and mercy, you turn my weaknesses to strength, my pains to gain, my mistakes to miracles, my frustrations to foundations to greater heights, my negatives to positives, my minus to plus and you restore to me all my wasted years and opportunities (Jonah4:2).

I receive wave after wave of your mercy, as I stand in awe and reverence of your majesty (Lk.1:50). I am kept in remembrance of the Lord’s mercy and because God, my father is the one in charge of mercy, no man can take God’s mercy away from my life (Lk.1:55) (Rom.9:15).

The mercy I enjoy is not a question of human power or effort, I don’t struggle to receive mercy as it is God’s free gift to me (Rom.9:16). I take hold of the Mercy that is already made available to me in Christ as I boldly approach God’s throne of Mercy (Heb.4:16).

Culled from Pastor Sophia’s Book

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