Daily Declarations for KHC Partners

I thank God for the gift of life. I thank God for enabling me to support His work. Lord, you said in your word that you give seed to the sower. I confess today that I always have what to give to advance your work. I will be faithful to the vows and pledges I have made.

I declare over my finances, there shall be no lack. I receive the blessings that go with the giver, and I declare today, that I am blessed.

Because I am a Partner with KHC, I declare that the angel over KHC will undertake for me. I am a financial partner with KHC and so I declare that the anointing over KHC will also rest upon me. I will not be confused in my relationship/ marriage.

Just as my seed travels round the world to touch lives, my life is also preserved. I am free from the power of iniquity and I am living in the blessing of God.

Money cometh unto me today! My business is blessed; the works of my hands are blessed. All my needs are met supernaturally, and I have all grace and sufficiency to abound in the good work with KHC.

Today, I am blessed. Today, as my seed speaks all over the world, doors are opened to me. Favour works for me. I move into my next level in God.

As testimonies abound on KHC with lives saved, people baptized in the Holy Ghost, and people delivered from sexual perversions, I declare that I am free alongside my family from every plans of the evil one! I am blessed today in Jesus name!

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