Pre-Wedding/Marriage Counselling

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Module 1 – Introduction to Marriage Counseling Class

The pre-wedding classes are simply ideal for you if you are already in courtship looking forward to Wedding in the next few month or years. It will help you to ask the right questions and adequately prepare you for wedding.
There are 12 MODULES with 60 Classes!
Each lesson has quiz at the end.

Welcome to Marriage Counselling Course.

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Lesson 1 – What is Courtship? Lesson 2 – What Is The Purpose Of Courtship? Lesson 3 – Love And Understanding During Courtship Lesson 4 – What To Do During Courtship? Lesson 5 – Module 1 Confessions, Action Plan, Questions And Prayer Points Lesson 6 – Book Reading For Module 1

Module 2 – What Marriage is

Module 3 – All About Sex

Module 4 – Marriage As A Covenant

Module 5 – Communication in Marriage

Module 6 – Character

Module 7 – Money And Family Finances

Module 8 – What Marriage Is Part 2

Module 9 – Conflict Resolution

Module 10 – Love In Marriage

Module 11 – Preparation For AMarriage

Module 12 – Essay and Practicals

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