Marriage Challenge

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Day One – First Things First

Day Two – Habits and Weaknesses

Day Three – Baggages

Day Four – Languages

Day Five – Apology Languages

Day Six – Foundations

Day Seven – Character

Day Eight – Vision To Mission

Day Nine – Family Altars

Day Ten – Accountability

Day Eleven – Financial Intelligence

Day Twelve – The Heart

Day Thirteen – Emotional Affairs

Day Fourteen – Emotional Affairs – Part Two

Day Fifteen – Emotional Affairs – Part Three

Day Sixteen – Affair Proofing Your Marriage

Day Seventeen – Affair Proofing Your Marriage – Part Two

Day Nineteen – What Couples Can Learn From The Prostitutes

Day Twenty Two – Review



Day Twenty Three – The Christian Couple, Sex And Orgasm

Day Twenty Four – The Christian Couple and Sex – Part Two – Kegel Exercise

Day Twenty Five – The Christian Couple and Sex – Part Three

Day Twenty Seven – Orgasm In Women

Day Twenty Eight – Foreplay

Dunamis Okunowo

Dunamis Okunowo

Facilitator at Kisses and Huggs Club. Pastor at Shouts of Grace Center, Ibadan. Pastor,  Father, Mentor, Writer, Husband.

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