KHC Couples Camp-Meeting 2021 – Register Now!

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Date: Fri 17th – 19th December 2021.

Venue: Redemption Camp, Lagos Ibadan Expressway

Registration for KHC Couples Camp Meeting 2021 has started.

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Over the years, couples’ camp meetings have always been unique. This year won’t be an exception.

Dearest Couple,

In the journey of marriage, there are times when the wine goes out. There are times when the butterflies stop flapping their wings. Sometimes, the butterflies even die. There are times when every iota of feelings disappear, and you are wondering what exactly is going on. 

At such times, what we need is a time out to refresh and refill, so that the marital engine will not break down.

One of such avenues is what is coming up in a few days, KHC Couples Camp-Meeting 2021!

Oh! I’m busy!

Well, this is a once in a year programme, and I want to implore you to create time to be at this Couples’ Get Together, to add fresh wine to your marriage, to discuss practically with fellow couples, and to tackle knotty issues of life. It’s also a time of relaxation, get-away from hustles and bustles and time to reflect and plan your family in the coming year!

KHC Camp-Meeting 2021 is a programme you don’t want to miss! Your marriage will never remain the same again.


The programme is between Fri 17th – 19th December 2021.

Arrival is anytime on Friday 17th and departure is very early on 19th. (so we can make church service in our respective churches)

To Register in less than a minute, Click HERE

Accommodation and Feeding

Registration is for couples, and it covers accommodation only.

As regards feeding, food will bought at the discretion of couples, from several available restaurants on the camp ground.

To Register in less than a minute, Click HERE

KHC Couples Camp-Meeting 2021 – Register Now!
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