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Advanced Marital Counseling
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What is Advanced Marital Counseling about? People fall in love. They marry. Issues arise. This is reason for Advanced Marital Counseling. We provide tailored counsel and therapy. The differences that arise from personalities can bring couples apart quickly resulting in a disenfranchised couple, separation or even divorce.

This marital therapy is to prevent such dire consequences that may arise as husbands and wives. Counseling shouldn’t be when there is crisis, it should be an on-going exercise for the overall health of the marriage.

Depending on the severity of the issues on ground, these therapies may last weeks, months or even up to a year.

These counseling or therapy for married couples are tailored specifically to each couple who come on board.

The Advanced Marital Counseling and therapy programmes for couples will cover such areas including but not limited to communication, temperaments, spirituality, respect, submission, sex, money, and many more. We will help the couple to understand each other, rekindle their love and get some new wine into the marriage.

Each session will be an extensive video call which will also include tailored take home assignments designed to solve the issue at stake.

Advanced Marital Counseling is handled by Rev. Dunamis Okunowo, a marriage counselor, and has counselled, provided marital interventions for many couples across the continents.

It is our belief that as we implement this biblical based approach to counseling, God will make a way and sort you out in whatever issues you might be facing.

Note, there is a separate counseling for Singles HERE

Find below what may be appropriate for you:

1 Week Access (WhatsApp Chat With Couple)
$50 or N22,000 (Payment Info Below)

1 hour-Session (Audio Call With Couple)
$50 or N22,000 (Payment Info Below)

1 hour-Session (Video Call With Couple)
$60 or N26,000 (Payment Info Below)

2 hour-Session (Video Call With Couple)
$100 or N45,000 (Payment Info Below)

1 Month-Session – 8 Video Calls (one hour each, twice a week)
$300 or N135,000 (Payment Info Below)

2 Month-Session – 16 Video Calls (one hour each, twice a week)
$500 or N225,000 (Payment Info Below)

1 Year Session – Unlimited Video Calls (One hour each, up to twice a week)
$1,500 or N650,000 (Payment Info Below)

Pay From Anywhere In The World
Click Appropriately.

Payment In Naira (Nigeria)

Guarantee Trust Bank
Account Name:
Kisses and Huggs Club
Account Number: 0150088032

(Afterwards, send a WhatsApp Message to +234 802 350 7395 OR send a mail to

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