The Lord is taking me from Glory to Glory

The Lord is taking me from Glory to Glory. I will never know a better yesterday. My future is secured in God. I will see my children’s children and we will eat the good of the land. I am fruitful and the Lord is rewarding my faithfulness this year.

Just like Joseph was rewarded and lifted, I am lifted to a place of honor this year. Everything the enemy stole from me is restored back to me with compensation. The harvest of 16years is coming to me this year in Jesus name. I command multiplied harvest into my life right now in Jesus name.

The flood gates of heaven are opened on my life. I drink the rain of heaven. My life is refreshed by the dew of heaven and all stress and struggles in my life are over because God shows up for me.
I am blessed. Irreversably and Irrevocably blessed. In this time of famine, God is making me rich. Wealth of the gentiles is finding its way to me.

I am led by Gods spirit to my place of prosperity. I am a giver. I am a tither. I give generously and so this is my season of harvest. Abundance is my portion. I command my life to open up to heaven’s supernatural supply. Wherever money is, I command money to come to me. Beyond the ordinary, I prosper. I receive blessings from heaven above and blessings of the deep that lieth under.

God’s word dwells in me richly because I give myself to studying His word. The spirit of God is upon me and he is stirring up to pray more. I pray in the spirit always. I am a man/woman of the prayer. The holy spirit helps my infirmities in the place of prayer. I pray out the counsel of God for my life and so there are supernatural and divine orchestrations in my life. God is being glorified in my life.

Compiled by Pastor Sophia

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