The KHC Confession

I am sanctified,
I belong to Kisses and Huggs Club,
I belong to God’s kingdom, I am a member of the unshakable kingdom. I am unshaken, undaunted, and undismayed. in the face of contradictions. I will not compromise, I am satisfied with God, I am gratified with Jesus,

I am sanctified by the Holy Spirit. I am decided for Jesus and my mind is made up, It is settled, there is no going back, No turning back, no retroversion and no retrogression!

I am sanctified,
There is no doubt. My past might have being a mess, But it is now a message. I might have been abused, But I was not reduced. I might have compromised, But I am now consecrated, The flood came against me, But the blood also came for me. Jesus grabbed my arch enemy at the jugular, I can now breathe freely.

I am Sanctified,
I put God’s word first place in my life,
I read my Bible daily and I live by the words therein, I live by the Holy Spirit, I walk in the Spirit daily, Meditation of God’s word is my habit, I relish in God’s word, I value His word.

I honour His word, I eat His word, I speak His word, I think His word, I breathe His word. Jesus is my Redeemer, He is my Savior, He is my guide, and He is my peace. He is my joy, He is my comfort, He is my Lord, and He rules my life.

I am sanctified,
I raise God’s standard in this generation,
I am focused; I am not distracted, deflected or perturbed. I am not flurried and I am not disconcerted, Depression is not my portion, I will not disappoint God, I will not let Him down.

By the Spirit of God, I am strengthened and toughened. By the Spirit of God, I am energized and stimulated, By the Spirit of God, I am blessed and favoured. By the Spirit of God, I am fortified and stabilized, By the Spirit of God, I am protected and defended, By the Spirit of God, I am intelligent and level-headed.

I am sanctified,
The power of hell is broken.
Its arsenal is bankrupted. Every negative power is subdued. I conquer every opposition,
I defeat every enemy. My mind is blessed, renewed, and refreshed, Every soul tie is severed and broken.

All wrong bondings are disbanded and dissolved, I have the mind of Christ, Lust loses its power over me. I am an overcomer, a subduer, and surmounter, I am victorious, prosperous and productive

I am sanctified,
I am not afraid to say No. According to God’s word, I say No. In the name of Jesus, I say No.
By the power of the Holy Spirit, I say No to all forms of sexual perversions!

I am sanctified,
I stand for God, I raise the banner. I am committed to the vision of Kisses and Huggs, I am sold out to its vision, I am aggressively committed, My NO is strong, I live for God,

My victory is certain, My family, established, Favour is my portion. He has signed with His blood, I have also signed with my service and obedience, All glory to His name. I am blessed today, my result is sure, My testimony, secured, my life surrounded.

Favour surrounds me today, Joy wells up in me, His word is my light, and his grace upon me. Blessed be His holy name!

I am sanctified!
I am satisfied! It is ratified! And GOD is glorified!

Written By Dunamis Tunde Okunowo

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