Job provision and wedding success

We dated/courted for 8 yrs, all the way from university days. In January 2016, she came to me that she wants us to get married by July 2016. This truly was our desire but it wasn’t easy to imagine because at that time she was working but I have not gotten a Job after my Msc. So we prayed and fasted, God gave us His word in ISA 50:7 and said we should go ahead.

This required great faith. I told God that if indeed he would do this wedding for us, He should give me a sign; the sign should be that I get a Job latest February 2016. Indeed, I got a miracle Job despite the enemies antics and I resumed in March. We went ahead prayed for dates, God gave us July 14 & 16. We communicated to our families and insisted on those dates despite pressures to change dates.

We kept praying, fasting, giving and declaring God’s word. To God be the glory, without a fat bank account or savings, God made supernatural supply available for all that we needed. We rented a house, had our introduction in April, did our traditional and white wedding in July. And it was all she ever dreamt of, it was indeed glorious. GOD DID IT PERFECTLY!!!

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