I’ve been having this pain in my torso for many months, of which the doctor gave me medication for ulcer and pain killers (after doing a test), but still the pain was still there. I went back to the doctor, who later said I would have to do another test, but it would be scheduled months later, so I was placed on pain killers. Later when I got back to Nigeria, I went to the the hospital did several tests (of which nothing was found). Though i was given medication. With all the medication, my health was getting worse(I was vomiting, lost my appetite, and I was loosing weight). This led me to be tired physically and mentally. Fortunately, with prayers and the mercy and grace of God (without it, I don’t know where I would be) I was healed, and i became strong and healthy. I thank the Lord our healer for everything. Hallelujah!!!!!!