Habakkuk 2:3 NLT

Praise God for His faithfulness. I started my relationship in 2008 and didn’t have my introduction until 2014 due to delays and various hindrances. Last year my fiance wanted to us to get married in June 2015 but I felt the time wasn’t enough due to the preparation involved and finances and that December 2015 was a better time (he’s a foreign phd student with only summer and winter breaks);this drove us apart because everyone had given their consent except me.

In September 2015 he said he wasn’t interested in the relationship again and started an emotional relationship with another lady online. I tried to mend things which he reluctantly agreed to in November and we planned for Jan 2016 but things were not ok as he was still distant emotionally due to the friendship he formed with the lady.

In Jan 2016 he came to Nigeria but didn’t give any commitment about our wedding date and just said we should continue praying. He travelled out again and broke all forms of communication. I dropped a prayer point on KHC and fasted and prayed asking for God’s will to be perfected in my life and reminded Him that I wanted to be gloriously married before June 2016 ending.

People of God, in march 2016 he resumed communicating with me and we set our wedding for second week of June 2016. Now I’m gloriously married and I return to testify and pray for all those believing God, hold on. He’ll work it out for you too.

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