Financial Surprises

It is about a week to the prayer series and God has given me two testimonies to the shame of the Devil.

Firstly, I want to bless the name of the Lord for cancelling my debt. I give him all the praise.

Secondly, I had gotten​ to the very last financially and needed an urgent intervention to pay for transportation to the venue of my exams. I didn’t know God heard my cry at midnight. The Govt. of the country where I am presently, deposited​ about the exact amount I needed to my second bank account. Reasons unknown. It took the call of a friend insisting on a transfer to find out.

He is indeed a prayer answering God. Don’t give up. If He brought money out of the mouth of a fish, He is still God and He can do it again and again. Keep praying in faith.

Glory be to God Most High.

More grace and anointing to you Sir and Ma. I pray for a bigger turnaround to be able to support his work. Amen. Thanks for uploading on YouTube.


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