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3 thoughts on “Submit Testimonies

  • Victoria

    On this Thanksgiving season, I just want to thank the living God that never fails. This year, 2016, seems to be longest year to me due to my experiences. I was faced with lots challenges but God stayed by me. I never thought I would get married in 2016, as I haven’t been planning a wedding, but in May, things happen and I and my Fiancé got a leading from God to get married. It was like a big load on us, many thought ran through our mind. We didn’t have a good job, how are we going to get money? I needed someone to share my challenges with, so I called Pastor Dunamis during my wedding planning and he prayed with me. I continue to trust in God and thrive. To the glory of God, everything was miraculously supplied. I had the wedding of my dream here in Toronto Canada, in October 2016. Not just that, few weeks after my wedding, I got an amazing job with the govt, with a good pay:) Isn’t God amazing? Now I am married to a loving husband, of which God is author of the marriage. Praise the living God. He is not just a father, he is a counsellor, my guidance, and my best friend.. Hallelujah

  • Fk

    This year has been filled with so many challenges, but God has continuously been my strength! Some of the results of those challenges are still evident but I know God will take care of those top. These things have made me even pay less attention to the amazingly great things God has done in my life.
    I got engaged to someone I’m at peace with to call mine. This isn’t a feat I ever thought I’d achieve.
    My mom got her permanent residence in the US
    I had a ghastly car accident on my dad’S remembrance with 7 other people, including a pregnant woman in the SUV I was driving, but everyone came out untouched.
    I was having cardiac arrest symptoms but I came out with a clean bill of health.
    I’m so so thankful and hopeful for everything else God will do this year and the incoming one.

  • Opeyemi

    God be praised! My name is Opeyemi, i sent a prayer request last week concerning my wife. After prolonged labor pain and preparation for CS. God stepped in and she delivered at 8:10pm today without CS. Shout Hallelujah!!!!!