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Safe delivery

I am here to return all glory to God for a safe delivery of a bouncing baby girl, indeed I delivered like a Hebrew woman drugs free even before the doctors came into the delivery room. I am grateful to this God and I and my family will serve him for the rest of our lives . May his name be exalted forever praise the thy Lord!


I thank God because he

I thank God because he allowed me to be one of the successful candidates from the Nigerian Law School this year. Though the journey was tough and rough, God saw me through it all. I didn’t just pass, I passed well. All Glory to God


Examination Success

Sometimes around November 2017, I asked the people of God to join me in prayers concerning my forthcoming final examinations then, and GOD DID IT, I have come to give glory to God and to this Ministry because I finally came out with flying colours and will be going for my National Youth Service by this August ending.
Thank You all.

shogba kehinde tobiloba


I want to bless the Name of the Lord for answered prayers. I was actively involved in the last TWIG prayer session, and God really did That Which is Good for me.

As at when the programme took place, I was not planning of an Introduction, not to talk of wedding, but God blew my mind as He settled me maritally, and also he took me to my next level. To Him alone be all the Glory as i have come to say THANK YOU LORD!


He got a job!

I had once requested members to pray for a job for my fiancee, and yes!! He’s got a job now. Though not the mega pay kind of job, we are grateful while trusting God for the mega pay job and finally coming together as husband and wife this year


God is Awesome

I want to thank God for answered prayers and his divine intervention concerning my visa application. This testimony is long overdue and am sorry God for the delay.

God broke protocols and shortened the timeline for my visa application and i just want to bless God and encourage others to trust in him and never give up no matter the issue.

I stumbled on this page during a challenging time in my life and God laid it in my heart to pray for 5 people everyday from the prayer point section. This i did by His grace although it wasn’t easy at first but God always reminded me to pray. Lo and behold God answered my prayers and I was given my visa to join my husband. Indeed God is a God that answers prayers and i want to encourage you to take time out and pray for other people no matter your personal issues and God will show himself awesome in your life. Amen.

Judith Uche-ukah

Prayer Answered – Thank You

I posted here around August about visa interview so as to reunite with my boyfriend.
I just wanted to say THANK YOU. I’m currently in the US, though on a visit.

Prayerfully, passing the board exams for Doctors is the next on the agenda.


Omolara Ogunleye

My Testimony is here

I thank God for honouring his name in my home. Last year,i send requests on conception. I’m here to return all the glory to God for helping me through pregnancy, delivery and all that followed. In short, i thank God for TESTIMONY(that’s my daugther’s name)

Onyinye Faith Peter

employemt offer

Good morning family. I had earlier requested that you pray with me for God to give my fiance a job. To the glory of God, this prayer has been answered. My fiance is working now. I pray that the Lord preserves his job and grant him promotion in less than no time. Also, bring greater opportunities his way and help him accomplish all that he’s set out to accomplish before the end of the second quarter of next year, in Jesus name, Amen .

alvan fortune

Faithfulness of God

Brethren , I am here to return all glory to God for his faithfulness in my life and family.
During the 30 days of TWIG God showed answered my prayers
1. He preserved my husband job even when everybody was asked to go, the company retained him with a salary increase , to God be the glory!.
2. My sister and my cousin got engaged with the full traditional rite ceremony done.
3. God has been preserving the health of all my family members all over the world and granting us journey meries .
4. God also blessed us with a new car
I just want to say thank u Jesus ,I can’t thank him enough brethren please join me to thank this God .
I pray that God will continue to bless Pastor and his wife and their cup will never run dry.
I know before the end of the year all my prayer request will be granted Amen
Thank u God!!!



Good morning brethren, I heard about the TWIG program when it had started. So I missed some parts of the program. But in August I downloaded it to do mine through out August. While doing this, God dropped a great wisdom to me because I have been trusting him for a breakthrough which he did. Indeed olowogbogboro has turned things around. God bless you Pastor and Mrs Dunamis. Testimonies just like that ooo

Faith Ogala


I want to thank God for safe delivery and for healing my CS Wound after so many complication that arose.

Ajayi Oluwadamilola

God is miracle working God

Currently, I’m receiving unemployment benefit from the government in Holland. There is an institution in The Netherlands that wants unemployed people to submit the number of times they have applied for a job (4 is required but more is also accepted). I didn’t fulfill my duties in a particular period by submitting 4 of the activities for job applications. I gave my reason to the institution but it wasn’t accepted. So the institution decided to reduce my benefit to 62% in August for a couple of months. I wasn’t happy about it so I filed a complaint.

To cut the long story short, I was told by a worker that I would receive my benefit in September, which would be reduced again. I waited for more than five days on the money. I used to receive it within three days after I filled in an income from in the beginning of the month. I contacted the institution two times because I had to pay some bills. I finally received the money on 15 September. To my surprise, it was increased! This came as a shock to me. I was able to pay a number of bills. I thank God for his favour and mercies. He deserves to be praised!

Phyllis Ntim

Grateful to God for safe delivery

Good day people. I dropped a prayer point some two weeks ago about my upcoming delivery, for strength and faith. I thank God because He took control of the whole delivery process. Labour was fast for a first time mother. He is indeed a faithful God. Thanks for your prayers. God bless you all


Miracle marriage without struggle.

I want to really bless God for answered prayers. Sometimes last year, I sent in a prayer request for marriage, this year too I sent also and gave up, and I also ended the relationship of 2 years that I was in because clearly I saw that its not going anywhere.

January this year I went back to GOD totally, suddenly 2 days to my Birthday precisely March 27th God showed up on my case and connected me with my partner, he proposed on my Birthday which was march 29th, and throughout our courtship, it has been favor all round down to our traditional marriage, white wedding Aug 31st. I want to appreciate God because through out the preparation, people where just blessing us with cash. God did it when i least expected. Father I am grateful, may your name be praised forever and ever.

Esther Sylvanus David. Formerlly known as Esther otiwa.

Esther otiwa


I submitted a prayer request last year for a marital breakthrough.
Last August a man i had sung with in my local church choir for 6 years asked me out. December he set our wedding date, March he did the traditional marriage rites and paid my bride price. As I write it is 29 days to our church wedding.
Prior to that i was getting frustrated at unbelievers coming after me and had no testimony of honourable marriage from both my fathers nor my mothers household.

Praise Jesus.


My Grandma’s fabroid healing and my job promotion

Am munsanda Banji from Zambia, during That Which Is Good Prayers there was a time pastor Dunamis requested us to get small clothes and he prayed for them and told us to lay on the sick. I gave the clothe to my grandma who put the clothe on her abdomen, a month later she went for a scan, the fabroid disappeared. I thank God for her healing. I also got a promotion on the 28th of August from a General worker to office assistant and am still believing God for further promotion,thank you very much

munsanda banji

God answers prayers

I prayed and fasted for a number of things this week. One of the things was a job breakthrough. I applied to a couple of jobs this week. Satan has been attacking my finances aggressively for a couple of years now. I prayed to God specifically that he should grant me a job to start next week. Three companies have contacted me concerning a job. A recruiter was looking for people to work at a fashion store next week. I will start working at the fashion store for only one day next week. Although I’m working for one day there, I thank God for putting the devil to shame. Also, I thank him for the numerous financial breakthoughs that will manifest in my life soon.

Phyllis Ntim

Freedom from delay

I want to thank the Almighty God for his love..Last night we prayed against any spirit of delay, I prayed and also claimed my freedom…Then I slept…The Holy Spirit showed me a revelation. I  saw myself in a very dark room with my secondary school uniforms every where…I couldn’t move. Suddenly I could walk. I ran out of the room to see chains and a trap like shoe on my feet all made with heavy iron. I don’t know how I could run with such a heavy load around my legs…When I got out I saw it was my secondary school environment. I saw a woman and I told her to remove them from my legs and she did…I know now I am free indeed…Praise God….


God helped me marvellously

A serious issue involving one of the Oyo State Parastatal issuing my organization a court summon happened. The issue seemed impossible to overcome. Pastor prayed for me and I trusted God will do that which is good and help us settle out of court. As the head of my organization in Ibadan, I had to take responsibility for things there. Within 24 hours to the court summon, God raised up strange help for me in amazing ways and the issue was beautifully resolved.
Eventually, what would have been a negative to my leadership ability became a plus. I want to return all the Glory to God my helper. We indeed belong to the company of the unashamed.

Pastor B.O

Supernatural Blessings

I want to appreciate God for His supernatural blessing during the period of TWIG was on…The Lord showed Himself mightily..
firstly…on a faithful day my dad received a sum of one million from his in-law just like that as if it was not enough after 3weeks he received a car worth of 3.5m from the same in-law…it was just a shock to everybody…
Secondly the Lord granted my elder bro visa to USA….that same week my dad got a car
It has just been blessing upon blessing….and I know this is just the beginning of greatness in my life and my family….
May His name alone be highly exalted…(Amen)


Miracle Visa

Praise God for #TWIG. I shared the testimony of my sister getting her visa earlier. Mine has also been released speedily against all odds. As I was wondering about how to pay for the flight, God miraculously laid it in the hearts of people to settle the fare.
I have come to return all the glory to God for His wondrous acts in our midst.


Prophecy Came to Past with 48 hours

I stumbled upon the live Facebook broadcast of Kisses & Huggs on the Day 27 of the prayer. I usually don’t patronize prayers via social media cos i believe many are doing it just because it’s trendy & want popularity.
I saw two men praying in tongues. One on the left was Plum while the Pastor on the right wore glasses( sorry I don’t know their names)

The man on the left in the live broadcast suddenly spoke by the word of knowledge that someone lost his job in March this year, which was very correct about me. And that within 15 days, a testimony that will amaze them will happen to them.
I was taken aback by the accuracy of the word. I said ” Amen” without hesitation as I watched them both continued to pray in tongues. Within 2 days, I got a mail from a multinational company I applied for in same week to resume work. The remuneration is greatest I have ever received in my career! God bless this ministry. I also received by faith the prophecy of a new relationship before this year run out.

Blessed be God who has made us seated with Him in heavenly places! Praise the Lord Jesus


Thank God for supernatural supply.

Thank God for supernatural supply. I’ve been joining TWIG and we got financial supply we were not expecting at all few days after we prayed for supernatural supply on TWIG.
In addition, my brother-in-law was laid off. But God caused his employers to call him back to resume work. God is GOOD. I have tasted and I KNOW that God is Good. God bless you Pastors for this platform. More testimonies to follow in Jesus name.


Possessing that which is mine!

Indeed God is here! I joined the #TWIG on the 2nd of July and keyed into the prayers,on the 29th I had a dream where there was a party and people were being served food. It got to my turn and the woman serving refused to give me turkey,I forcefully took it and then she wanted to snatch it from me. I gave her the beating of her life and served myself.
I thank God because I believe every good thing that has been denied me or stolen from me I am possessing them back. God has taken power from my oppressors and is giving me that which is mine! It has started already and I believe my testimony shall be full,surely I am coming back to testify again.

Adeola Adewole


I want to appreciate God for his deliverances , I used to have this dream where in a broad daylight a man will just come and want to rape me and people will be walking on road and I will be calling for their help ,They won’t come for my help I will struggle with him and escaped but during the course of TWIG during one of the midnight prayer and I went to bed then he showed up again but this time as I shouted for help a group of guys from nowhere rushed him and was asking him why he’s always harassing me ,He left me immediately .To God be all the glory since that day till now the man has not show up in my dream , Just want to thank God for TWIG and for His servants pastor Dunamis and pastor Sophia. May His name be praise.Amen


Broken chain and Divine Healing

I give God all the glory for that which is good He has started with me, while praying this morning 28/07/2017 I saw chains broken in my life, set free from captivities, delays and rejections. Also, I want to testify to God’s goodness since the beginning of this year I don’t have any cause to go to the hospital or use any drugs. Last week, I was feeling feverish with body pains but I told God no infirmities or plaque in my body. On the 24th and 25th of TWIG Pastor Dunamis said something about body pain and praying over a cup of water which I did, right now no more feeling feverish or body pains. I just want to say Thank You Lord. I know and believe He will perfect the remaining things that concerns me.(Amen). God bless you Pastor Dunamis and Pastor Sophia, God’s oil over your head shall not run dry.(Amen).


On the 25th day of

On the 25th day of TWIG, Pastor was led to pray over a cup of water and as I drank it, the dryness I had in my throat which made swallowing my own saliva painful ended till present. I just want to say thank you Lord.


Testimonies that birth Testimonies

I want to bless the name of the Lord again and again for yet another testimony. Sir, as you read out the testimonies yesterday, someone mentioned in her testimony that “We belong to the company of the unashamed”. I held on to the words​ even though my faith was so little towards a particular subject in school. To cut the long story short, my most recent score after yesterday prayers was “Wow”.

I won’t stop testifying to the Glory of God and to the shame of the devil. Testimonies indeed birth testimonies. Faithful God….”We belong to the company of the unashamed”. Glory. Amen. More grace Sir and Ma. Thanks and God bless.


Bimpe Abiodun Olabiyi

Divine separation and restoration

I bless God for exposing and separating one of my apprentice Who have been stealing from me, God exposed her on Friday and instructed me not to avenge for myself that He will fight for me, though it’s hard not to touch her(slap/beat her) but I didn’t touch her I obeyed the Lord so I sent her away on Sunday and God restored me, on Tuesday I had an order to supply wigs from Ghana, God really did it miraculously and restored all I’ve lost. Halleluyah!

ekisola modupeoluwa

Job Breakthrough

I was jobless for more than two months. I applied for numerous jobs. I applied for a particular job last week. In that same week, I received a missed call from an job agency. I called the company last week Friday back and a man said that one of his colleagues would call me the same day. I didn’t receive the call. Then I called the contact person yesterday about it. She booked an appointment which was scheduled today. I had the introduction meeting with a different recruiter. After she spoke about the description of the job, she wanted to know from me if I’m still interested in being part of the team and I said yes. I fasted. I prayed to God for him to answer my prayer so that I could also give a testimony. He answered my prayer. I’m grateful.

Phyllis Ntim

I want to thank God

I want to thank God for saving me from a financial embarrassment, pastor once said there was someone that is in a debt situation, i took a loan from a bank to settle some pressing needs and it has been difficult paying back. Miraculously God provided the money to pay on Friday and was settled yesterday, i thank God for heeding to my call truly i belong to the company of the unashamed. I believe He will perfect all that concerns me this week.

Ademola Bisi-Omotosho


The Almighty God delivered me from robbers on my way to the office yesterday (monday 24/7/17). I boarded a commercial bus at my usual bustop only to realise they were robbers. They diverted the bus to another route, pushed me down and covered me up with a thick cloth. At that point, i felt a sudden calmness within me and began praying in tongues. I remembered during the midnight prayers, Pastor led us to pray for God’s help and I experienced it. Although they carted away with the little money on me and my phone but I was released unhurt. My God delivered me from what may have been a hostage situation because they threatened to detain me until i got money from at least five people.
They dropped me off and directed me back to where I was picked. Kindly join me to extol God for this great and mighty deliverance.
(Please use my initial M.U. to publish, thank you.)


amazing God astounded me by

Amazing God astounded me by getting me an employment letter. He did That which Is Good for me AND SUSPENDED protocols in my favour. I am grateful


Letter of Joy

On the 18th of July, 2017 God answered my prayer as I got a letter from my place of work that put a smile on my face. It happens to be something I had been asking God for for years. Despite several oppositions, God proved himself mighty strong.

God also healed me from severe pains in my bones on Thursday.

The Lord has indeed done that which is good in my life. I am also thanking him in advance because I know I will testify pertaining my other requests. God is indeed faithful.


Oluwaseyitan Olatunji

God blessed me with a life partner

I am a living testimony… I kept wondering when will I be married, when will I be wearing that wedding gown….. But to my surprise, God made A Way in the wilderness…..I met this guy, before I could say Jack, we are already planning marriage introduction, traditional and finally wedding in less than one year of courtship. I want to let you all know that God answers prayers and at the right time.. I’m happily married now and trusting God for the fruit of the womb… He has started this good thing, He will surely finish it…. I can’t wait to testify here again of his wonders… Thank you Jesus!

Ezeamaka Gloria


Just few minute before 12.00 am 23rd July 2017, our water tank full of water that we just purchased fell from its stand, a car was adjacent to it but nothing happened to it. Thank God it did fall on any person or the fence behind it. Am not counting the lost but am thanking God for that which is good he did. It would have been something else if it fell on a child or an adult or the car or the fence. THANK YOU LORD JESUS.



I joined the midnight prayer for TWIG from day one and God gave me a testimony on the 20th day of the programme.
I applied for Canadian Permanent Resident card with my family since January 2017 and it got approved on the 20th day of this programme.
I give God all the Glory and I thank Pastor Dunamis &Pastor Sophia for their prayers..



Thank God for his healing

Thank God for his healing power, i was battling with a lower abdominal pain and it disappeared after Pastor Dunamis mentioned it.


The Great I AM!!!

Firstly I would like to thank my Heavenly Father for His faithfulness and unfailing love to me and my family. It’s been hard for us having lost 2 family members beginning this year. I was to write my final exams in May and I wanted to request to write the exam in October, since I was not in a good frame of mind. It was and it still is the KHC devotions that kept me going. I did write and I got my results… I passed and I will be graduating this September. Thank you so much Pastor Dunamis and Pastor Sophia, May the Lord continue to bless and increase you. Now I’m believing my Lord for a good permanent job soon. He still Moves stones!!! In Jesus name, Amen!!!


Miracle Job

I have come to return the glory to God for his faithfulness. I got a miracle job after eight months of joblessness, it looked as though nothing was happening but God proved himself faithful in my life. Thank you Jesus. #TWIG

nwabuisi favour

Flood almost took away my

Flood almost took away my fathers house yesterday. None of us was at home as at that time, but the God of TWIG took control.
He made help available at the right time.
Neighbors, including people i have never met or seen were busy making sure it wasn’t disastrous. We shall never see shame in our lives… Glory

Adaobi Okafor


Pastor mentioned pain in the lower abdomen. The pain started immediately I connected to TWIG and it was so bad that I was almost crying.
But as he mentioned it and rebuked it, I felt a relief and its gone.
Thank you Jesus.

Eguono Becky Adams

Fat cheque

I want to bless God for His goodness and faithfulness. During TWIG, we had a very close family member visit with us a few days, also joined in on TWIG. She gave us a fat check a day before her departure. I just want to bless God for orchestrating this supernatural provision for my family. I return all the Glory to your name, thank you Abba Father.

Mrs B.O


During the program this morning, (Day 14) I received healing. Hallelujah. I have been having serious Headache since afternoon but when pastor Dunamis prayed for us. I was healed. Praise God. Thank you Jesus

Idongesit Ekpuk


Good Morning Daddy i want to return all glory to God for his faithfulness,at the beginning of the year (2017) i was desperate to change my location and also get a new job i applied on almost all the places available and not within my state where am working currently(Yola) but after sometime i gave up and even stop praying about it i made a different plan of going back to school Then last week in the office after TWIG started i got an SMS for a job i never thought i will be part of i was invited for induction/collection of placement latter which is schedule this week in Abuja . i just want to return all glory to God almighty for his faithfulness.#thatwhichisgood#

Gimbiya Dwai Talmon

TWIG is happening

I thank God that this time of prayer has brought so much hope and expectation in my life. It has moved me out of a place of sorrow and depression!

Today I received a 3.998% raise on my job! It was unexpected and it moved me beyond one of my stepping stone targets of financial pay!!!

Thank you Lord for TWIG continuing to over take me!!

Tracy Nalory

Pending Salary Increase Suddenly Approved

I received a mail on the 2nd of July for the confirmation of salary increase that has been pending for long. The effective date for the salary increase was backdated to April meaning the differentials will be refunded to me. To God be the glory and honour. Thank God for the 12am to 1am morning prayers of #thatwhichisgood. Thank you Pastor Dunamis and Sophia. May God continue to increase you sir and ma in Jesus name. Amen.

OLANIPEKUN Tolulope Julius

Awesome God

One of the nights, Pastor Dunamis mentioned and prayed for someone with pain in the ear. I want to return praise to God because I am healed of a sharp pain in my left ear. The pain is gone forever. Also this morning, my sister was granted her visa which I prayed for during the TWIG night. Thank God for giving us that which is good. Halleluyah!!!

Miss Amara


Few days back, I had a seriously swollen eye. I could hardly do anything.
I didn’t want to join TWIG for that night, but I struggled to do so.
Thank God I did, because during the course of the prayers, Pastor said there is someone with a swollen eye right now…
To the glory of God, I got healed.
My eye sight has been restored.

Mrs Oyerinde

Divine healing

I had ulcer since 2015 which comes with pains, I received my healing during the prophetic declaration of one of the nights of that which is good. Praise God.

Adenuga Doyinsola

1. I have been trusting

1. I have been trusting God for a new job for sometime now.
Just last week, I got two offers. I had to choose one .

2. Pastor has been telling us to trust in the supernatural. I keyed into it and began trusting God for my finances.
People of God, God showed up last week.
I received huge sums of money into my accounts.
Praise the Lord


I want to bless God

I want to bless God for supernatural supply.
Last month, our house rent expired and there was no money at all.
It looked like shame was in the offing, but God intervened supernaturally.
Money came and we paid. God did that which is good
Praise the Lord!

Mrs Oyerinde

Praise the Lord.I want to

Praise the Lord.
I want to thank God for blessing us with a car during this season of that which is good.
Glory to God.

Mrs Ade


Hallelujah! I thank God for day 8 of TWIG. I have being having sleepless nights because of issues in my life. But when I participated in TWIG for the first time on day 8, the peace of the Lord overshadowed me and I slept like a baby. This is the beginning of new things and loads of testimonies in my life. Praiseeeee the Lord.

Tara Yas

Financial Surprises

It is about a week to the prayer series and God has given me two testimonies to the shame of the Devil.

Firstly, I want to bless the name of the Lord for cancelling my debt. I give him all the praise.

Secondly, I had gotten​ to the very last financially and needed an urgent intervention to pay for transportation to the venue of my exams. I didn’t know God heard my cry at midnight. The Govt. of the country where I am presently, deposited​ about the exact amount I needed to my second bank account. Reasons unknown. It took the call of a friend insisting on a transfer to find out.

He is indeed a prayer answering God. Don’t give up. If He brought money out of the mouth of a fish, He is still God and He can do it again and again. Keep praying in faith.

Glory be to God Most High.

More grace and anointing to you Sir and Ma. I pray for a bigger turnaround to be able to support his work. Amen. Thanks for uploading on YouTube.


Bimpe Abiodun Olabiyi


Hallelujah! I want to thank God for day 8 of TWIG. I have being having sleepless nights because of too much worry about my life. I participated in the programme for the first time and after the programme, I had the peace of the Lord in my heart and I slept like a baby. I am convinced that God has taken charge of my situation. Praiseeeee the Lord

Tara Yas

Praise the Lord! i want

Praise the Lord! I want to return all glory to God for healing me, for sometime now I have had this pain on my neck but yesterday after the TWIG powerful worship and prayer, I woke up this morning healed I had to turn my neck to be sure I am completely healed, bless Jesus.

Gimbiya Talmon

God answered

This God is awesome. I prayed to him so as not to be posted to a particular branch and He answered. God great God


Severe Back pain gone

I have had this Back pain for some time at the waist actually, as soon as pastor mentioned my case and prayed,I checked it and try to do things I couldn’t do and I noticed it was no longer there.

Praise God

Chioma Ohajuru

God saved my life from death

Yesterday on my way back from work God saved me from a car accident.i thank God so much for His divine protection.i bless your Holy name Lord Jesus.


I want to return all

I want to return all the glory to God for what he did for me during the 40 days and 7 days fasting and prayers

1: I had a successful wedding on March 11th 2017 , God really proved that he is our Jehovah-jireh, my husband lost his job 2 weeks to the wedding and I had no job but our Jehovah-jireh provided all that was need according to his riches in glory, that was one of my prayer request during the 40 days fasting.

2. During the 7 days fast i and my husband partake in it and God open the windows of blessing
I passed my driving test on the 24th of April 2017 which was the last day of the 7 days fasting and prayer after 5 failures and my husband got a better job with the federal government on May.

Indeed we are serving a living God on KHC.
Pls join me and give glory , honor and thanks to this faithful and way maker, may his name alone be praised Amen.



God is faithful

I participated in the 7days fasting and prayer in April. I was trusting God for employment. The fasting was to end on the 24th of April, I had done several exams and interviews. I was about writing another exam on the 24th of April when I got a message to come for my appointment letter at one of the centres I submitted my CV. I went to collect the appointment letter and on the day I was posted to my place of work (5th of may), I got a message to come for my appointment letter from another institution where I wrote an exam which I know within myself that I didn’t do well. This can only be God. Never give up on God, He has a right timing for everything. It may take long, but be sure He is with you and He will show up when its time. God bless you Pastor

Oyinade Oluwatosin

Hot temper Gone

Am used to hot temper, repeating a question twice, it hurts me as if you have done something wrong to me before. My fiance introduced me to KHC in April. I registered myself, but devotional messages were not coming to me. But she always send it to me. Thanks be to God today, the hot temper is gone

Livinus ENU Agbor

God that answer prayers

I am here to testify to what God has done for me. I want to give thanks to Him because He make the impossible to be possible for me. There was a mistake made by my parent on my date of birth which need to be corrected before it cause an issue for me at my place of work. Thank God, I was able to correct it with the help of God Almighty. Praise God with me….Hallelujah.


financial supply

After the 7days fasting and praying in church, God used a woman I don’t even know myself to sponsor my feeding allowance till I graduate from school. It’s a miracle.
Hallelujah to God!


Provided a Very Good Job

I want to praise the name of the Lord for God is good.i and my friend have been job hunting for a long time. God supernaturally showed up for her by blessing her with a very lovely job. He showed her His great favor, mercy and grace and I am thanking God for this great thing He has done and I believe that He that did for my friend would do mine too. May His name be forever praised in Jesus Christ name..Amen..


Helped of God

As Rev. Dunamis says when God calls for a fast, it’s because He wants to bless us.
I was looking for a job and during the fast that was one of the things I wanted from God, I fasted and sowed my seed truthfully it was the last money I had in my account. I contemplated sowing and made a resolve to give all of the little I had to shame the devil. To God be the Glory I got a job today May 1st, our God is just awesome.

I. L

God made our marriage possible amidst many challenges.

Glory be to God, I celebrate the prayer answering God for what he has done in my life. Myself and my spouse has been in courtship for a while now and it seems our marriage wasn’t going to be possible, every road seems blocked, financial doors seems locked, help looks so far, but when God stepped in, He broke all protocols, made a way where there seems to be no way. When the wedding preparations began it was so challenging and several confusion here and there, but we held unto Gods promises,wrote prayer request and solicited for brethren prayers ,it’s amazing how God did it. Our God his a life transformer, storm calmer and miracle worker. We had a glory filled wedding celebration in Dec 2016. I and my spouse celebrate God’s faithfulness today and forever. Amen


God Answers prayers!

I want to appreciate and bless God for the 7days prayer and fasting. God is indeed faithful. This time last year, I got my testimony of marriage proposal after the 40days prayer and fasting. During the course of this 7 days prayer and fasting, My introduction is happening soon, all to the glory of God and Wedding Date fixed already. What men could not do, God made it happen. Praise the Lord!


ThankGod for his Provision

Praise God! I want to thank God for a successful wedding December last year. We started planning for our wedding earlier in the year but by middle of the year after my introduction my husband lost his job, so many temptation started coming our way but thank God we were able to overcome them, thank God for Pastor Dunamis, we kept getting encouraged daily by his messages. we made up our minds though it wasn’t easy but God saw us through. still after the wedding no job yet but God provided for us in amazing ways till he got another Job February this year. Indeed God never fails when you trust in him. God bless Pastor Dunamis and Pastor Sophia


God of Second Chance

Hallelujah, I want to testify the glory of God and thank you all for your prayers and support. God has brought her back to me as shown in the vision. I pray His grace and spirit sustain the relationship and lead us to marriage by end of the year in Jesus Christ name. thank you all and God bless.

Tsala Benjamin

Miracle Babies

I have come to give all Glory to God for blessing my family with a Set of Twins.My delivery was like that of the Hebrew women,within the space of 10 minutes,I was done with the delivery Process.God you are faithful and A God of Awesome wonders.I return all Glory to him.


The Lord restored me

i appreciate the most high God. He is indeed showing me that He is in control. i dropped a prayer point about 2 weeks ago for restoration of my mind, joy and strength, as going through each day was a struggle. i thank God because He has given me restoration in these areas, my joy in the Lord is restored, my strength is restored and i am assured beyond any shadow of doubts that God is not yet through with me and He has never in fact left me. thank you for your prayers. may God meet you at the points of your needs too in Jesus name. Amen


Thank you Jesus

I thank God for the salvation of my soul, I submitted a prayer point sometimes ago that I want God to deliver me from all forms of sexual perversions and I thank God for how he has delivered me from the yoke of fornication, masturbation,homosexual urge,thoughts and bondage,Unclean and dirty thoughts and all forms of sexual perversions.I give him all the praises.

Akintola Ayooluwa TOMIWA

God hears our hearts!

I had something in mind that I really wanted to do, but I didn’t have the funds to wrap it up, I only had a little under half. I didn’t pray about it because I thought it was just a “want” and God won’t listen to such. Well, that’s a lie, because 2 days later, the funds showed up miraculously! I can’t describe the joy and humility of knowing that God sent helpers my way and that God still recognizes me. It’s humbling and exciting! Thank You father!!


My Lord of restoration

I want to bless the name of the lord for his goodness and prompt response to my prayers. In December 2016, in my office redeployment process was going and I was affected, I got angry in the spirit because I was informed that people were lobbying even settling (paying money) not to get posted and that it was because I did not settle, that was why I was posted out. I cried unto God and told God he should restore me back to my office that I would rather him take the glory and settlement (the money) than man. To God be the glory after I sowed a seed to God and posted a prayer request on this platform, my God showed up and reserved the earlier posting. I give God all the glory to Him alone be all the praise.


Divine Speedy Recovery

Last November, I sent a prayer request for the successful outcome of a major surgery I was going for here in US. To the glory of God, it went well and I recovered much faster than expected, even the doctor and the hospital staff were amazed when I went for my 2nd post-op appointment. I was able to go back to work 2 weeks earlier than the expected resumption date, as well as celebrated Xmas in very good health like nothing major happened to my body just few weeks ago.
Please join me to give a big shout of ‘Hallelujah’ to The Almighty, ever faithful Father.
Thanks to Pastor Dunamis, his wife n all KHCites for their supportive prayers.


Payment of my salary

August 5th I officially resigned from where I was working, my boss who was owning us for 2months, paid me one, and promised to send my July salary to me, since then I tried all I could to no avail, to the extent that he said he ll not pay me.
So I decided to back up some scriptures and send to him, reminding him of holding back my tithe, also on this platform I stated it for brethren to pray for me, behold yesterday I got an alert, salary finally paid. To God be the Glory.. Indeed God is here.


God’s faithfulness

I want to give glory to God for adding another year to me today. Glory! My life is a product of his mercy, love and faithfulness. Bless God for this ministry, God bless u pastor Dunamis and Sophia. God has used u tremendously to bless my marriage of 14yrs by next week
.May he continue to increase u. Praise d Lord.

olufunmilayo Adesanya

Answered prayers

Good day KHCist please help me praise this God he has been amazing. At about this time last year during the camp meeting alot was happening to me. I finished schooling 2012 on graduating they said our file will not be cleared reason cos our admission list is missing, met people who will help me our DVC, Profs in my school but to no avail. During this l had a great encounter with God l got saved genuinely, was not a bad person tho it was just normal church goin no relationship with God.
Then lots of fake help was coming in even one married man in my church said should sleep with him so he can go and tell our VC about my case so it can be solved, then something said to me what if after sleeping with him nothing happens? So l told God if obeying you will make this issue not to be solved so be it, l was still praying, fasting and sowing.
Fast forward to 2015 God sent a helper who helped us to go to registrar and head of admissions we where asked to bring our particulars to show we have been students it was submitted, this was how God did it a letter was written on our behalf and a list was created our results are ready now heading for NYSC.
I want to thank God cos of the grace to wait even when temptations where all around, 2012-2016 l waited for God’s will, during this period my relationship with God was close and still close.
As l was waiting God was answering other prayer requests like kilode, My cousin whom l prayed for him on Monday God healed him on Tuesday.
Also a friend who said l should him in prayers for God to give him a job and a visa cos he did not to marry cos of visa , a week after his Phd defence God gave him a wounderful paying job in London and they gave him a working visa too.
Also l wrote a professional exam God made me to pass.
Concerning my marriage there where alot of disagreement his people said no cos we where not from the same state, but now God has shown us he is the God of peace, this God is sooo sweet am really enjoying him help me thank my father the God of Goshen city, also want to thank you Pastor D you have been so good even when l call u always there to answer breaking of fast and praying with me, may God’s grace be made moreeeeeeee evident in life nd your family,
Thank you self existing God.


Thank u Jesus.

I want to thank God for an answered prayer. I sent in a prayer request few months back, and God has done it. I say may his name be praise for ever and ever.Amen

Baoku Oluwadamilola

Profitable employment

Indeed we serve an amazing God. I will like to exalt the name of God for his grace upon my life and for continually proving himself as Jehovah in my life. In June 2016 by God’s grace, I rounded up my Masters program and I have since been trusting God for a profitable employment. No means of income of any sort as I had to resign from my student job since I was graduating.

While praying and trusting God, I continued to intensify my job search sleeping and waking up with high anticipation for a positive feedback. Rather than positive calls and emails, I kept receiving negative reports. The disappointments were back-to-back especially as I realized a trend of rejection after the first set interviews I was invited to. I kept getting the “we are sorry you don’t qualify for the next stage of interview email.” I went before the Lord, He opened my eyes and understanding to unique employment strategies and instructed me to sow into the ongoing project at KHC (remember I didn’t have any means of income).

This step was very difficult for as the amount He laid in my heart was a monetary gift to support myself and He just instructed me to sow everything. It was unrealistic to me but I’m grateful for the grace to obey. Children of God after this step of faith, things changed rapidly in my favor. Divine help and provision that I never imagined. God raised for me and most importantly he has blessed me with a profitable employment despite the rigorous recruiting process. He used this waiting period to refine me and develop my spiritual life. Indeed we serve a God who answers prayers and I have come to return all the glory to him.


I return all the glory

I return all the glory to God for safe delivery of my sister who was billed for CS.She gave birth to a baby boy on the 9th of september without CS.God truly answers prayers.Thanks for the prayers,God bless.Halleluyahhhhhhhhh!!!


A successful wedding

I am thankful to God that I listened to the instruction of the Holy Spirit. I appreciate the Godly counsel from pastor Dunamis ,l bless God for the provision and for a successful wedding may his name be praised in Jesus name Amen.

Okeligho lawrinda

Marriage beginning to get stable

I sent in my prayer request some month back a the storms in my marriage, I want to bless the name of God that things are going fine now and I pray things will become better than this. Thank you all for saying a word of prayer for me. God bless you all.

Kolawole Ebun

God proved himself at my wedding

I want to thank God for a successful wedding celebration. God proved himself. God met us at the very point of our needs and we were not put to shame. I also believe that God who began his good work in us will perfect all that concerns us in Jesus name. To God be the Glory for great things he has done in my new family.

Oluwadamilola Akinrinade`


I greet the KHCites in the name of the lord, sometime last week I submitted a prayer request asking that the house should pray for my fiancée who was laid off from job some months ago, To the glory of God and shame of the devil, he was called back last week Friday to resume on Tuesday….praise the Lord!!! this is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes……thank God for Pastor Dunamis and the kHCites , may God cause his face to shine upon you all.

Ngozi Precious


Thank you Jesus! I asked to be joined in prayers concerning my friend and I. I have been given admission and my boyfriend passed his final exams. Glory to God and thanks to all who prayed for us!


My Mom is healed!

Thank You Jesus! I thank you all so much for praying for my mother! She’s doing well and her right eye is healed in Jesus’ Name! Thank You Jesus! I had asked for prayers and you prayed!! I thank God for you all and for this ministry Pastor Dunamis! God bless you all richly and meet you all at the point of your need!! Keep the faith! God is forever ABLE!

Michelle S


I thank God for the salvation of my soul and i thank Him for all what he has been doing in my life. Sometimes around June this year, i gave a testimony with respect to the success of my ICAN Examination and i asked God to provide me with a good job. To the glory of God, the lord provided me with a very good job. In the past weeks, someone i don’t know put a call through to me and told me i have once been to their office for an interview but i was not called then. He then went further to tell me that one of his friend’s client need a qualified person for a position in their company. All through my interview stages, God has been so wonderful that i was specially favored. Even when i thought my present boss would not allow me to go out for any reason, but God was so faithful that while am thinking of a way out, its my boss himself that will even send me to a client office very close to where am having the interview. I am just so grateful to God that He is truly the God that answered by Fire. I give Him all the Glory and thank Him for what he has done, what he is doing and what he is still going to do. Yemisi

Adebanjo Yemisi

Accomodation prayers granted

Good day KHC team and member’ I bring calvary greetings in the Name of God. I asked for prayers concerning a relocation and good accommodation for me and my family. God granted the accommodation according to his will’ I have come back to say thank you Lord.


God’s intervention

I asked for brethern to pray concerning my wedding that has been lingering for a long time now. Her dad said if my dad doesnt come to see them instead of his younger brother he sent that the wedding wont hold, and my dad has refused to go because he doesnt want his igbo son to marry a bura daughter. Now he is the one that wants to go and we are arranging for the trip in a week’s time to the northeast. The church wedding is to hold after this meeting because in this meeting bride price and other things will be settled. May the Lord bless all those we joined in the prayer. God will answer you all speedily in Jesus Christ Name



I want to thank God for His faithfulness in my life. Earlier in the year I wrote some prayer points on the KHC Prayer Page regarding success in my Masters Degree exams and getting a God job. To the glory of God those prayers have been answered. This past weekend, someone put in a word for me to get a job placement after completing my Masters and the request was approved, and to crown it all, my first semester results were released today and I came out with distinction in flying colours 7A’s and 1B in the 8 papers.

And I am trusting that this good work God has started, He will complete and perfect it as I prepare for my final exams. I just want to encourage someone who is feeling discouraged, God is too faithful to fail, don’t give in to fear, that is a trick of the devil, keep trusting and holding on, at the fullness of time God will bring to pass all His promises concerning you. Amen


Job provision and wedding success

We dated/courted for 8 yrs, all the way from university days. In January 2016, she came to me that she wants us to get married by July 2016. This truly was our desire but it wasn’t easy to imagine because at that time she was working but I have not gotten a Job after my Msc. So we prayed and fasted, God gave us His word in ISA 50:7 and said we should go ahead.

This required great faith. I told God that if indeed he would do this wedding for us, He should give me a sign; the sign should be that I get a Job latest February 2016. Indeed, I got a miracle Job despite the enemies antics and I resumed in March. We went ahead prayed for dates, God gave us July 14 & 16. We communicated to our families and insisted on those dates despite pressures to change dates.

We kept praying, fasting, giving and declaring God’s word. To God be the glory, without a fat bank account or savings, God made supernatural supply available for all that we needed. We rented a house, had our introduction in April, did our traditional and white wedding in July. And it was all she ever dreamt of, it was indeed glorious. GOD DID IT PERFECTLY!!!

Adetiloye Bamisebi


I want to give God all the glory for granting me success in an international exam. i submitted a prayer request some months back that God should clear my results because there was a mix up .To the Glory of God, result came out two days ago with me being totally cleared and passing it all. praise the name of the Lord!!!


Office Appraisal

My Appraisal at the office was awesome, and I am sure God would perfect it by making the reward near and favourable. I also appreciate KHCites that prayed for me, God bless you.

Eniola Sodiya

Divine Assitance/ lifting

I want to thank God for His supernatural intervention, after the forty days fast I began to see raw manifestation of the proclamation ” I am helped by the Holy Spirit” What I could not effectively do for twenty years under two months. I have achieved so much, am perplexed, amazed. I praise the name of the Lord because this is not by power. yet by the Spirit of the Lord. Hallelujah secondly, I thank God for Divine Break through spiritually , He alone has been faithful. There is a lifting. I praise God for His divine visitation especially through the night prayers and proclamation after the seven days fast. F.O

F. O

Habakkuk 2:3 NLT

Praise God for His faithfulness. I started my relationship in 2008 and didn’t have my introduction until 2014 due to delays and various hindrances. Last year my fiance wanted to us to get married in June 2015 but I felt the time wasn’t enough due to the preparation involved and finances and that December 2015 was a better time (he’s a foreign phd student with only summer and winter breaks);this drove us apart because everyone had given their consent except me.

In September 2015 he said he wasn’t interested in the relationship again and started an emotional relationship with another lady online. I tried to mend things which he reluctantly agreed to in November and we planned for Jan 2016 but things were not ok as he was still distant emotionally due to the friendship he formed with the lady.

In Jan 2016 he came to Nigeria but didn’t give any commitment about our wedding date and just said we should continue praying. He travelled out again and broke all forms of communication. I dropped a prayer point on KHC and fasted and prayed asking for God’s will to be perfected in my life and reminded Him that I wanted to be gloriously married before June 2016 ending.

People of God, in march 2016 he resumed communicating with me and we set our wedding for second week of June 2016. Now I’m gloriously married and I return to testify and pray for all those believing God, hold on. He’ll work it out for you too.


Divine Healing

Thank you my beloved KHC family for praying with me for my mum who was diagnosed of different sickness (Malaria, Typhoid, Ulcer and Appendix) in two weeks. She visited three hospitals and spent 7 days in the last. The surgery for appendix was meant to be done yesterday. God intervened a day before the proposed surgery. She went to the toilet more than 10 times and excreted all what the enemy planted in her stomach. She received divine healing from God. The doctor who came to examine her was dumbfounded as he didn’t see any trace of appendix in her system. She’s been discharged from the hospital since yesterday. Praise the Lord!


I want to thank God

I want to thank God for answering my prayers and for a successful traditional wedding after so many obstacles. I also want to thank Pastor D and his wonderful wife for this forum, may the good Lord continued to bless both of you.

Ezekoli Roseline

Answered prayers

I want to testify of God’s goodness. I thank God for KHC. Around this time last year I had a major fall that almost took my life.Through KHC,God healed me emotionally, relocated me overseas and also opened great doors for me here. I have come to give Him glory like that one leper because I know Zach 4:6-9 will be fulfilled in my life.

Sister F.

exam success

Good evening, KHC family. I would like to thank each and everyone of you, who prayed with me during the exam period. God has been faithful and I wrote well. I’m grateful for His mercies and grace over my life. thank you Pastor D for this forum, my the Lord continue to bless you and your family. More testimonies coming!



Oh pastor, our God is too faithful to fail. I am a Medical laboratory scientist. I have never had a laboratory accident and I took God’s protection for granted. Last week tuesday, I had a needle prick and never felt any pain. On Saturday night I noticed my fingers were swollen, I never bothered, but at early hours on Sunday 12:00 am I woke up with an excruciating pain which I have never felt before in my life. I cried, prayed, confessed and the only thing that was going through my mind is “CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT CHRIST WENT THROUGH AT THE CROSS” . I wept the more. I took a pain killer drug, held an ice block, all to no avail. At 6:00am, I ran to the hospital and finally got admitted. To the glory of God, I am healed today, no more pains. Praise the Lord. From Oluchi (Abuja)

Uwanaka Oluchi

Successful wedding

I thank God for the success of my wedding and I thank the people of God for praying for me. May God reward you abundantly.


The miraculous Promotion came double.

Brethren, to God’s glory, one of my prayer requests was answered yesterday 13th July – on the promotion letter expected for my wife in her place of work and it came back dated to a year and half. Our God is good and unstoppable, faithful and righteous. O give Him the praise for ever for I know ” He will expressly answer the remaining once quickly”. To all members that joined and interceded for us- God bless you all and make His face shine upon you all in Jesus name… Ultimately, for KHC Family, more anointing, power, strength, riches and from glory to Glory in Jesus name.. Amen. Ajiwe Michael A.

Ajiwe Michael Adebisi


As we prayed for breakthroughs, as soon as it was 4:00pm I got a call from a lady who often has programs and workshops and would like to use my catering service . I really can’t thank God enough because the last I had any was in April and I’ve been broke ever since. I believe God will do all that we’ve asked Him and more even as He has already started opening doors Hallelujah

Ameyaa Appiah-Agyekum

God is taking control

Yesterday, I posted a prayer point about not losing my job and that God should still every storms at my place of work. I left home for work in fear yesterday and on getting to work I had a query waiting for me, also had one previous day at work. But to God be the glory, I had meeting with my boss and the Lord took charge. Instead of his wrath, he addressed every issues peacefully that I was so surprised. I gave all glory to God for granting me favour in his sight and thanks to all that prayed for me.

Bukola Adeyemi


I thank God for the salvation of my soul. I thank God for the success of my ICAN examination. Sometimes in April I came here trusting God for success in my ICAN examination- Final Paper. I thank God because the result came out this week and it was a success. Am now a qualified chartered accountant. I really thank God for this. May His name alone be exalted.

Adebanjo Yemisi

I want to thank God

I want to thank God for the provision of free accommodation. Sometimes because God doesn’t answer our prayer the way we expected it to be, we overlook what He has done and we become ungrateful. During the 40 days fasting and prayers, one of my prayer request for my fiance and I was to get a 3 bedroom flat before our marriage in a particular area. Although we didn’t have enough money to rent the accommodation we liked in our choice area, we were given a 3 bedroom flat for free in an area that was far different from our desire. To me I felt God hasn’t answered my prayer the way I wanted it but yesterday I felt I was ungrateful to God by not thanking him and sharing this testimony. I asked HIM for forgiveness and decided to share this testimony this morning. We are still trusting God to move to our choice area before the end of this year. I am 101% sure that HE that did this is more than able to do more than we desire.



God heard my prayer request that I dropped and turned it into testimony


I want to bless God

I want to bless God for answering my prayer concerning my daughter. I submitted a prayer request last month about her studies and for her to concentrate well, I am thanking God because He answered me, now I don’t get any unpleasant report about her studies.



God has given me a job and also restored my relationship with her back.  Now we re planning towards our marriage


God is Indeed Faithful

Just as the forty days fast was coming to an end, I almost became worried that I had not received any sign of some sort nor received any miracle. But then, Pastor Dunamis published a devotional one morning that said we should not give up, and not to be weary..that even if you do not receive what you are expecting within the forty days, that your heavens can still be opened after the fast.

I held onto that, and persevered with the fast..On the last day, I got a call from a colleague hinting me of an internal job vacancy in one of the Company’s subsidiaries. I applied for that job..and today, I can testify to the Glory of God that I got the job, and it is indeed a wonderful offer that I never anticipated. God elevated me financially, and in my career status, and I know He would do much more for my family and I, and everyone out there seeking his face. Praise God!!


Salary Increment

I blessed God,i received a memo from my head office yestiday,i the midst of all what is happening in the company,they sacked some staff, close down some branches I saw in the memo annual salary increment, effect from June though the money is small but believing God for a better Job help me thank God….

Oyeniran Samuel

I thank God He answered

I thank God He answered my prayer in just few hours. I summited my prayer request n God answered immediately

Olaniyan mary

I hope this blesses someone.

I hope this blesses someone. I participated in the recently concluded forty day fast. I honestly had no serious expectations and all I asked for was Spiritual growth and for God to bless and continue to uphold my marriage. We encountered a challenge with our accommodation that was affecting our health especially our baby and it became urgent that we move. I told an agent and he promised to get back to me in a week.

A family friend had shared and  told my husband about a property that she hoped to buy with her husband but because we had money tied up with debtors, it seemed to be not an option for us. I coincidentally asked of the lady and then my husband opened up on the opportunity. I really can’t say why but I wanted us to see the property. We went one Sunday after church then we went to find out the price and extended an offer for a house we didn’t have a kobo to pay for. The agent called me but I didn’t pick his call, I didn’t want this testimony sabotaged and I kept praying that somehow we won’t have to pay for rent again but we will own our property.

The developer told us categorically that it was only one spot left and we have exactly 20 days to pay the 30 Million for the house. We went home and kept praying, while calling our debtors and family to help. One man owed us 11M and he didn’t respond to us when we called despite the fact that he has held this money for months. I even went to cry at his office but didn’t meet him.

After 10 days one afternoon while in a meeting at work though thinking and praying about this problem, my husband received the alert for this money. It was like a dream. Without that money, we could never have secured this property. All this happened towards the end of the fast. I give God all the thanksgiving, glory, honour and adoration for this gift to my family in Jesus name. He truly does all things well!!! Alleluia! I also pray that God who did this for me as well as the KHC Event CENTER we had faith for in prayer will do even more to anyone who dares to trust Him for anything that seems too great to be achieved in Jesus name. Amen! God bless this KHC family for me.


Open Heavens

Thank you all who prayed for me. I asked for prayers that my daughters would get their visas June 3rd so they can visit me here in the USA. I submitted that prayer request at the beginning of our three days fast and PRAISE GOD, all my children have been granted visas and I will be seeing them soon. THANK YOU JESUS.

Tracy Ann McN an

I thank God for the

I thank God for the favour He granted me. He is the God of possibilities. I was posted to a place in Ogun State for my National Youth Service Corp. I just didn’t like the place. In attempting to change from that LGA I was told it’s very impossible. People that wanted to help as soon as they hear the name of that LGA they will tell me I can’t change it. I kept praying and on the 39th day of the 40 days fast I sowed a seed with an expectation of a change in LGA . To God be the glory what men said it was impossible God sent me help right on time and there was a stress free change in LGA!

Lucy Oche

Exam Success

Some time in March I shared a prayer request concerning my exams. Today I am back to share my testimony. I sat for my exams and there were confusions whether I passed or not, but I prayed and said to myself that my God is not an author of confusion. So weeks went by and finally the result is out. I passed with flying colour. Thanks be to God.


Awesome God…..

Want to thank God for people who have been praying in my behalf on all requests I av submitted,may God refill n water u the more in Jesus name! I particularly want to testify of the goodness of God in my life for supernatural provision of my sch fees beyond my expectations n also for putting to nought the plans of the crafty ones concerning my life(on the 9th day of the fast,I was at school to sort out some things concerning my project,someone did some backyard runs and swapped my name against the original supervisor that was given to me,I went to meet the HOD of my department he said nothing can b done,I was broken n shattered in my spirit,suddenly I heard in my spirit…. Can anyone b wiser than God…..

This gave me a lifting,i took the daily confessions and emphasized that I received what originally belong to me, I also opened my phone to also pray that day’s prayer (PS 33:10) which was in line with was I was going through as at that moment, in less than one hour, that same HOD that shoved me off came looking for me while I was sitting saying my silent prayers and said he will revert back and give my the supervisor that was originally given to me.) I also want to bless God in advance for many testimonies coming soon. God bless pastor and mummy Dunamis, God bless KHC and SGC, God bless all KHC and SGC members and partners!

Adeniji Temitayo

answered prayer

I put in this prayer request during the 40 day fast (on the 18th of may) Asking that the person sitting on my research proposal for months will release it before the end of the month. Today is d last day of the month and I just got a call it has been approved. I bless the name of the Lord and thank


Promotion Granted

I want to bless the name of the Lord concerning my sister’s promotion at her place of work! During the 40 days fasting and prayers, I kept on emphasising the phrase that her promotion is not denied of her (cos she has been denied for a number of years). Despite all the hurdles God promoted her two days ago! God bless your ministry Dad and mum Dunamis! Glory to God



During the 40 days fast, one of the things i prayed for was my job. I told God that my place of work should yield increase, favor and promotion that will break protocol. At the end of the fast, God began to open doors of favor, I was recommended by the GMD for task that are way above my level on the basis that he believes I am competent.

And when it seemed like there was opposition as a result of the recognition given me by the top management, I held my peace and God fought for me, indeed, the Spirit of God raised a standard. I almost didn’t give this testimony, but when I looked at the fact that I joined this company just four months ago and God has brought me this far….hmmm. I am overwhelmed.

There is no management meeting in which my input and presence is not required. This can only be God. I bless God for this and the many other blessings I know He is bringing my way. Now, my heavens are opened. Expect more testimonies from me. The devil is a liar. I MUST TESTIFY!!!


God gave me a sign

I woke up this morning feeling a bit grumpy and sad. I had already cried to God the night before to give me a sign if truly event planning was my calling. I woke up not feeling too happy, ran couple of errands,i didn’t even bother to check my phone. later in the evening i turned on my data to check my mail, I saw a reply to a message I sent to one of the top event planners in Nigeria. she gave me her personal number to call her so we can chat..i was so happy.God is great. I couldn’t stop smiling. God is wonderful. This is truly a place where prayers are answered.

Tijani Folakemi

I am grateful to God

Am grateful to God on the last day of the 40 days fast, my fiancé proposed wedding to me. I give God all the praises. God is great. God bless the visioners Pst Dunamis and his wife

Sotonye Becky Harry

bussiness expansion

Praise the Lord! I thank God for the Grace to wait for 40 days here on KHC and SGC. God provided a shop space for me with ease on Thursday just before the end of our fast, the rent was not beyond what I bargained, I am really favored because the space is like ready made, so many things were already in place in that shop (no extra fee), I didn’t go through any agent, God was the agent … I’m also thanking Him for all other things He has done which I will soon testify to.

ekisola modupeoluwa

Praise Jesus

Praise be to God for seeing us to the last day of the fast. I want to appreciate God for the lives of Pastor Dunamis and his wife for using them on this platform. God would continue to strengthen you in Jesus name. On this fateful last day, My fiance proposed to me and I said Yes.. Only God could have done this!!!!He answers prayers Brethren. Hold on tight to him.


A new car and deliverance from death

One of my aspirations in 2016 was to get a car because it’s a necessity and not a luxury. God granted my request and gave me the car on the 8th of MAY(during this KHC FASTING). I Dedicated the car to God in church and I started using it. On the 20th May, after choir rehearsal I decided to drop some brethren at home. I parked at the side of the road with the hazard light on just to drop a sister. It was not up to 2mins I heard a loud bang from behind. I was hit by a jeep (I felt I was day dreaming). The jeep swerved me to the major road, it might have been disastrous if the oncoming vehicles were not proactive. I just wanted to thank God because he delivered me from the hands of death. Glory to God!!!!, the devil has failed over my destiny.


financial Breakthrough

God indeed has opened my heavens, I recently concluded my training as a fashion designer but didn’t have any customers coming to me, people will see what I sew and admire them, but the patronage was very low, but when pastor declared the fast, I decided to join, holding unto God’s word, to my utmost surprise, people started calling me to make their dresses. God indeed is faithful

Obiageri Ogujiofor

Supernatural breakthrough

Praise the name of the Lord. I want the house to join me in thanking God, indeed we serve a God of all possibilities. I submitted my prayer points in March/April concerning my family’s relocation to Canada and for a particular requirement in order to start the process that was being delayed in my school. I decided to go to the school on the day we started the fasting and prayer, I keyed into the theme “Open Heavens”. Getting to the school, I was told they haven’t received my documents which has been sent since February, I was close to tears but I told God I will testify. I insisted on seeing the IT supervisor who is in charge but I was told he wasn’t around and they don’t know when he ll be available, I decided to wait a little more time and as I was about to leave, the man arrived. On seeing him, I was told that since it was sent since February, the documents must have left his office and I was advised to request for another one to be sent. As I was about entering my car to leave, the Holy spirit told me to go back to him to tell him to check his mail, lo and behold he checked and found it and I submitted it for verification. 2 weeks after that time, I was called that the verification had been sent and by the end of last month my evaluation was completed. May His name be praised forever and I believe I will come back with another testimony when our visas are ready……. Halleluyah ‎


praise the Lord

Pls join me to thank the Lord for safe delivery… Last month my brother’s wife gave birth and this week my sister gave birth… I want to thank the Lord for safe delivery and good Health over the children and I pray his blessing won’t depart from each and everyone of us family.. More testimonies our ways in Jesus name. Pastor pls re-add me to daily emails, I received last on the 7th and it’s really affecting me. God bless you more.

Tolu Oluwayomi

Speedy answer to prayers

I just want to thank and bless the name of the Lord. I was getting discouraged and weary in my career cos it seemed I was not making progress and yesterday, I laid on the floor and cried to the Lord for a miraculous change in my work place and that same yesterday morning, God did it instantly! This fast has been a blessing all round, thank you Jesus!


Thank you Jesus

I want to appreciate the name if the lord. Submitted prayer request for my fiance who was to have eye surgery done. I want to bless God for being faithful, he made all the process go smoothly and restored all things back to new. His name be praised!


Open Heavens!

Come and see ooo come and see.. Come and see what the Lord has done.. Ebubedike.. Onyeoma.. My big heart is sooo fuuulll of joy I am speechless!! I have been applying for a scholarship for years now all to no avail. This year I told God to give me one. When Pastor instructed us to fast and pray and that God is going to open heavens for us.. I knew my time has come. Brothers and sisters.. today I received a call from the foreign office informing me of my success! This is a highly competitive scholarship for the whole of Africa. This can only be God! Thank you Pastor Sir for yielding to the Holy Spirit. My heavens have opened.. more testimonies on the way.. amen.

Deborah Aboagye

God is faithful

God is faithful and when you trust in him, He will never disappoint you. I have been trusting God for a job since 2015 and in 2016 January ending, I got a temporary job for three months. So when a fast was declared on KHC I joined the fast and I tried as much as possible to follow the instructions by Pastor Dunamis and God indeed heard my prayers and blessed me with a good Job on the last day of April … Praise God because He will perfect all that concerns me….Halleluyah‎

Uanhumen O. Joy

favour and restoration

i want to thank God for showing himself strong in my life and giving me favor round about. after my first year in nursing the south african nursing council went on strike n needed some kind of accreditation which affected the private nursing school (we see it as been a politically fight). waited for one whole year for us to be called back to school but still no update. in january we were told that we might resume in june but only on the 8 day of april we got a mail from school that they are sorry for keeping our hopes high and as such we are advised to look into other schools because they might not even resume this year. it was a moment of pain n sorrow for me because the government school wont take foreigners. back home in nigeria nobody understood, some thought i had dropped out. i heard of paramedics admission process, i applied only for me to me told on the day of submission that application had close the previous Friday which was 15th April i didn’t give up i went on to submit the application. on the 24th April i read the devotion (i prophesy unto you this morning, restoration), i claimed it as if it was directly for me only, that same sunday evening i got a mail that i will be short listed for the entrance exam if before 10am d next day Monday i will send copy of my ID and credentials. i immediately did, because it was quite unusual for a school admission board to attend to files on a weekend. after the entrance exam i was supposed to go for the physical fitness exam on the 5th of may 7:30am but got a mail of 10am and i didn’t know about the time change i got there at 9:30am i was almost crying then i remembered we had prayed for favor on the 25 April. so braced up myself to face the authorities and explained to them, they were so loving and kind and conducted my own personal shuttle run, sit-ups and push-ups, stretcher carrying, 200m swimming, object retrieval from under water and other exercises. one part of me said, ‘you know white people only act nice, since they only need a few student this will be a reason to disqualify you’, but another part of me said “God is not a task master’, you cannot wait on God and he will let you down. glory to God i was given the admission in midst of all the white applicants and will be resuming school on the 6th of june


Glory to God

i sent this prayer point in recently: please I need the people of God to join me in prayers…. my nephew of 11years has been missing now for 3 days on the way from school… no news whatsoever… I remember the scripture where peter was arrested but the church kept praying and God sent his angel to rescue peter. let’s pray that God will bring him back safely and very soon. Amen

I am glad to inform you that God answers prayers: he was found in Ibadan after 5 days…from Ijebu. all glory to God. Be all encouraged that God is still in the business of answering prayers. hallelujah. thank you all


Healing and Favor and Opportunities

Thank you all so much for the prayers you all prayed for me I submitted a prayer request for prayers for healing and how illness was preventing me from job opportunities. Well, this week I got to go to a 3 day job opportunity which I love very much! Praise God! I’m not even looking at the symptoms because I’m healed and I am doing much better in order to go! Tomorrow is the last day. I look forward to going everyday. Also, I went to the orthodontist again today and got free consultation for the second time in less tan 2 weeks. Praise God ! Hallelujah! I’m so blessed to a dumbfounding degree! I can’t even speak! And I know this is just the tip of it! If so much! 🙂 Heavens are opened indeed!! Glory to God! And thanks again for praying with me!


Come and see The Lord is good

Come and see The Lord is Good, come see The Lord is Good. There is nothing He cannot do, I’ve seen The Lord is Good! Come and join me sing Hallelujah oh, Jehovah Jireh has done me well; Come and join me sing Hallelujah oh, Jehovah Nisi has done me well! I just want to testify of The Lord’s Goodness. I was filling out online applications for work and I was required to fill out some details; since I did not have it off heart, I decided to look for the details where I normally fill my documents. HAHAHAHA, lo and behold whilst searching I found some money I had forgotten about for over two months. This month had been a very stressful month for me financially but my God had a different plan for me, Hallelujah Thank You Lord Jesus. Am forever grateful for Your Mercies, Grace and Favor. I know for sure this is just the begining, more testimonies soon HALLELUJAH!!!

Dupe Patricia Fijabi


I want to thank God for this time of prayer and fasting. Last week 3/05/2016, almost a year now that God gave me employment, I received letter of level upgrade. I give God the glory for giving me job and promoting me within just a year, what would have taken like 3 years with promotion exam.

Adeniyi Akinbobola

He’s indeed a prayer answering God

I want to use this opportunity to testify of the goodness of God over my life. I’ve long for this opportunity and I’m so glad it has come at last. I’ve been sick for sometime now and honestly, it was so severe that I didn’t know what to do but to ask to be prayed for. God indeed answered me. He used every member of KHC to prove himself faithful. I’m fully healed and I’ve come to testify because I promised God I’d testify. May his name alone be praised and may the God of KHC keep blessing each and every one of us and above all, our beloved daddy.


Praise Report

On the 3rd, that’s on Tuesday to be precise, a friend sent me an sms that he thought about me and wished to bless me because the spirit of God impressed that upon his heart. He asked for my account no which l forwarded to Him immediately. Before an hour l got an alert of #20,000. 00. Praise God with me for providing for me when l needed it.

Akudo Shalom

Divine healing

Pls join me to thank the Lord for healing my niece, was circumcised on Wednesday and was bleeding throughout, we almost lost him but God in His mercy intervene. Praise the Lord. We won’t weep over any of our love ones in Jesus name. Amen

Tolu Oluwayomi

I thank God for proving Himself

I thank God for proving Himself as Jehovah Jireh my provider yet again. I had a particular fees to pay with a deadline but did not have the complete money. I was led to sow into KHC Event Centre project, it wasn’t so easy though cause at the time I needed all the money I could get. I sowed in faith and to the glory of God, I was able to pay the fees before the deadline. God also vindicated me @ my place of work. To God be all the glory forever and ever. AMEN!!!!.

Soala Eferebo

Glorious God

I just want to testify of the Lord’s goodness in my life yesterday and today. Committed blunders at work both days but God turned them into testimonies. Today’s would have had a consequence of the passengers deported back and the company paying a fine but God in His infinite mercy prevented this. The passengers were both boarded on the flight but the flight had technical issues so the planes were changed. My mistake was discovered when the second agent was boarding them on the next plane. Whao, I can’t stop praising God because when the first agent did not see my blunder, the plane developed a technical fault Hallelujah….Awesome God I Dupe say thank You.. God of mercy, thank You….

Dupe Patricia Fijabi

God answers prayer

Still believing God for a job for my fiance, though he was called for an interview which is just the beginning, will come back to testify when he eventually gets the job. Things are better in my relationship, got another conviction I am with the right man. No more confusion!! I want all KHC members to help glorify God for his wonderful works. Praise God. Thank you for your prayers. Hallelujah to His name.

Olakanle Damilola

Sparing the life of my hubby

I thank God for sparing the life of my husband , he had an accident this morning but there was no scratch on his body though his car was damaged, God spared his life. I want every KHC member to help shout praises to God almighty, may him alone be glorified


Just about a week ago.

Just about a week ago. I asked KHC Family to join me in prayer for success of my sister that wrote an exam. She had repeated classes so many times in her nursing program, causing delay in her moving forward to the next class. This exam she wrote was the toughest in the program. I thank God she made it. She passed the class. I just want to thank the God of KHC, the creator of heaven and Earth. He that never disappoints nor put His beloved to shame. Praise the name of the living God. Pastor Dunamis, thank you for this avenue that God is using you to bless lives. May God continue to uphold you sir. May the name of our God be praised.



I want to say biggest thanks to this Great and Wonderful God. My Testimony…. I’ve been in a company where part of my salary has been deducted for pension over two years without crediting it to my account, but the mighty God did it after a memo was sent last three months that due to the country’s economy, our salaries will be delayed, on Wednesday I received an alert from my pension account that it has been credited. Secondly my GCE result that was held since was released January this year, I just checked today and I saw it was released and at the very right and perfect time I needed it most. Surely God answers Prayers…… Hallelujah

James Danladi

He did it again

After reaping from sowing to KHC, Not only am I still reaping…I received an interview for a Job. our Declaration says, God is putting in our hands that which is in our heart to do. Halleluyah, God is faithful. I have been praying for God to give me something I can be doing along side my Job. I testify Boldly because I know he would give me this Job. He has only just started. Praise the Lord!



I thank God for restoring my relationship after 5 years. Indeed God is faithful.Praise the Lord, Halleluyah!


God is not Man

I want to testify to the Glory of God for answering his name. He told me to sow with the little I had during this fast and Alas…I have started reaping, and would still reap more…..Halleluyah. It Pays to Obey God.


Jesus the Mighty Healer

Few days into the Fasting and Prayers, my mum and coincidentally a team mate in church started complaining of serious body aches. As usual,we all casually say ‘It is well”. After about two days, the pains got worse and my team mate in the church went to the hospital where she was diagnosed with having malaria & typhoid. My mum doesn’t go to the hospital because she believes “your faith will make you whole”. i got a call from both of them about this and i had to agree with them in Prayer. However, another friend of mine called me and said she was also sick. I was amazed,”where are all these sicknesses coming from’, i said to myself. She said she had been in pains for a long time and decided to go for a check. She had Cyst in her breast. I just laughed as I uttered out 1 John 3:8b “For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil” and Isaiah 53;5.. Brethren, i stood on those words as i prayed those simple prayers and believed God for their healing. To the Glory of God and to the shame of the devil. I got calls from all of them the following morning saying they were completely healed.No pains no weakness. Praise the Lord.The mighty healer had stepped in and to Him i give all the adoration.


Marital destiny opened

I bless God for breaking the siege of marital delay in my family, starting with myself. We have been mocked and ridiculed with people believing none of myself and my sisters can get married. I submitted prayer requests here some months back and to God be all the glory for the success of my introduction ceremony this last Saturday (23/04/2016)). I have returned as that one leper to testify to the Lord’s doing. It is marvellous in my eyes. I know that my elder sister Seun is next in line to the glory of the Lord

Adewunmi Grace

The Lord is awesome

I want to thank God for answering my prayer, I posted a prayer request yesterday, and I can see God has started His work. He has turned the stony heart of the strongman to flesh. I pray that the Lord that has started it will continue in Jesus name, He will continue to protect me and my daughter. May His faithful name be praised🎷🎵🎤🎸🎺


prayer answered

I really thank God over my life o. It has been the Lord’s doing, I made a prayer request over safe and easy delivery of my baby which the almighty God answer rapidly. And I also thank the children of God praying for me, may God bless and grant their heart desires in Jesus name. The first pregnancy was through CS and this time around I told God that I want to deliver it my self and I made the request here, and to my surprise ,God did it! Miraculous God!

oladunbi oluwatoyin

Miracle Car

I appreciate the God of KHC who specialize in surprises. I have been trusting God for a car. Last week God supernaturally gave me a car which is beyond my expectation without having a kobo in it. It was a surprise, it was God indeed! Our God answer prayers indeed, All glory and honour to Him.


God of miracles and open heavens!

Wow! Just before we started the prayer and fasting, Pastor said he felt the conviction that the heavens have opened. I prayed and trusted God on that Word. I have been trusting God and sowing seed knowing this is my year of harvest. I am trusting God to settle me in academics,career,ministry and marriage. God is faithful my dear family. I have tried to apply scholarships for 7 years now without success. At the beginning of this year, I trusted God knowing my 7 fat years are here. Last week, I got a full masters scholarship abroad. I am the only recipient of that scholarship this year. I cried tears of joy on seeing the email. Surely God’s mercy is on me! He is faithful, do not give up yet, your heavens are open, receive the heavenly blessings as a co-heir with Christ dear brother and sister. In this same season, a born again man has told me of interest in marrying me. I have so much peace regarding this and I asked him to also go and pray and if he has peace, we will go ahead with a relationship as God leads. This is a miracle!!! I have not had a successful relationship before though I have been trusting God to level up mountains of marital delay and distraction in Jesus name. I stand here to say God is faithful and His mercy is beyond our comprehension.. Glory be to Jesus,King of kings, name above all names. I thank Him for what has already been released to each of us and we receive our blessings in His name! Lots of love from Nairobi.


Answered prayers

I thank God Almighty for this great platform. I prayed to God for success in the last stage of my professional exam, to God be the glory I passed the exam successfully and I’m now qualified. I also asked God for His best plan concerning my relationship to God be the glory again the Lord answered me and has taken us a step further. All these God did within a month. Indeed I serve a Miracle worker!!!!


Mercy breaks protocol

Glory to God! I was suppose to apply and reserve a place for my allocation into postgraduate hostel, I only applied without making reservation, later became aware when there was no more reservation left, the accommodation was really of great concern to me, I prayed and trusted God to favour me, just yesterday,protocol was broken for my sake, I got my allocation into the best room.Thanks you Jesus,Hallelujah!!! Heaven is opening

Titilayomi Grace

Surprise New Job

I bless the Name of God, for He indeed answers prayers and is full of mercies and goodness. Few weeks ago, Pastor Dunamis was led by the Holy Spirit to write devotionals on Surprises and he also made prophetic declarations. I keyed into it with all my heart, despite the fact that I read that day’s devotional late evening. To my surprise and to God’s glory, I received a call by noon the next day from a financial company which I just applied to just after reading the devotional the day before (less than 24hrs); I was invited for series of interviews and simulation tests. I got the desired job offer few days ago. Thanks Pastor, may your anointing oil never run dry in Jesus Name. Praises be to God….Hallelujah.


open heavens

I want to thank God for the beginning of answered prayers. He has indeed broken protocols on my behalf. More testimonies on the way….. Halleluyah


Heaven is opening

I wrote asking prayers for healing of breast cancer at the beginning of the fast, and two days ago I wrote for additional prayers for a job as I have been out of a job for years. Hallelujah! Praise God, I got the perfect job today. Now I can afford to properly take care of my health even though I know I will be healed in Jesus name. Thank you Pastor and all those who prayed for me. More rain to come in Jesus name.

Tracy Ann McNab

Examination Success

I shared a prayer request like 2 months ago asking for support in prayer concerning my exams. to the Glory of God, I checked my result and I passed. I want to God and thanked everyone that prayed along with me.

Oluwadamilola Salu

Multiple Healings

I would like to give glory to God for multiple divine intervention in regards to my health. I read the Monday 4th April KHC devotional, “Its time to for ‘me’ to get healed!”  I read it many days after 4th, but God is the same and God touched my life.

I have been having issues with my knees for years, i just always thought it’s because i didn’t like standing and my active involvements in sports. The pain aggravates anytime i stand and been an engineer i get to stand a lot and few weeks ago a doctor said it was osteoarthritis which is strange for a 26 years old. I stood on God’s words and claimed my healing and ever since I would have been standing and straining my legs for long before i even realize i have been standing, the pain was just gone.

Also been having erratic body temperature for weeks and now I am very okay. Finally i have been suffering serious reaction to heat for many years and the rashes keep coming but since that day they have just been drying out. I give glory to the great I am that I am the great healer.

Olusegun Efuwape

Miracle job granted

Praise the Lord my wonderful brethren!!! I submitted my prayer points of which a better job was among in February 2016 and before the end of February, I was called for a job interview and was asked to start work in March. I want you all to join me to bless this God who has done marvellously well for me and I pray the Lord who has done this for me will answer your prayers speedily in Jesus name,amen!!!Indeed God answers prayers!

Ifeoma Chike


Good morning Sir, God’s mercies are indeed great. I couldn’t pray last night due to fatigue as a result of the online program I’m currently running. All I could do as i lay in bed was to read the night prayers and i kept repeating “Lord, have mercy” till I slept off. There was heavy rains and winds from 1am till about 4am. Lo & behold, i woke up to leave for work in the morning and found out that our fence had collapsed exactly where my car was parked but no stone or debris touched my car. God shifted the fence to fall into the next compound. My brother said that God placed a barrier between my car and the fence. All I could say was Mercy, Mercy, Mercy and Lamentations 3:22-23 kept ringing in my mind. I’m so grateful to God for his Mercies


Praise God

On sunday evening,10th day of April, 2016, my secretary at the office was arrested in his apartment by the police for no reason. On monday, we went to see him and he told us that they made him write a statement and in his statement he stated that he was truly arrested for no reason. When the fasting started, I committed the issue to God in prayer. And when I laid down to rest, preparing myself for the 12am prayer, I saw that he was released. When I woke up at 12am to pray, I told God that I wanted him to be released without any charges. And lo and behold, I got to the office this morning, 14th day of April, 2016 and I saw him. He was freed without any charges. Hallelujah!

R.Y. Tara

After 12 years of Marriage, God bless my cousin with a child

My cousin has been married for 12 years there was no child and she has gone to so many hospitals, the doctors said she and her husband are fine only for her to go another hospital she was told by the doctor that there was no eggs inside of her and that she will not be able to bear children and that she should go and look for a young girl that can donate eggs for her and she said she will not because the child will not be her own, so that made her to cry and a nurse saw her and said the doctor only said his own but God has the final say. My cousin put to bed birth this April. Praise the Lord.


Journey Mercies

I want to use this opportunity to thank God for his infinite mercies. Last week Monday or there about, I dropped a prayer request asking KHCites to pray for me as I would be embarking on a journey to Akure prior to the fact that my sister had a terrible dream in which I was involved in an accident. Well I want to thank God that the journey was a success and am back with my family in Lagos. May His name be Glorified.

Marshall Chidiogor

A couple of months ago..I

A couple of months ago..I asked to be prayed for cos I was emotionally distraught from a relationship that ended so badly. I was finding it difficult to forgive and move on with my life. I looked back into my life this evening and I realise that all the pain is gone and amazingly I did forgive..all thanks to God. Secondly, God settled my accommodation problem in a very surprising way To Him alone be all glory and honour

Omolola Ajayi

I got healed instantly… Praise God!

Good evening sir, i want to thank God for using pastor Dunamis to grant me healing. On the 4th of April, in the evening precisely i noticed a very sharp pain on the lower part of my stomach and gradually it became very serious and started affecting my right leg. Later that night, as i was reading the KHC devotional for that day which was prayers from pastor Dunamis. He said “There is a lady reading now, there is a weakness in your right leg specifically that you cannot explain, that pain and weakness disappears right now. Never again in the name of Jesus! You can stand up and just check now as strength is being infused into your limbs now”. Immediately, the pain disappeared and i stood up, behold the pain was gone and i never felt it again. Praise God!!!!!!. sis Lilian


Healing for my Parents

Praise the Lord!!!
God moved his hand of of favour on all my endeavour when I started this night prayer. He has been faithful.
Praise God! This is the Lord doing. I sent an sos prayer request on Friday night concerning the health of my parent it was too heavy for me .

So I remembered that KHC mentioned all night prayer who be held today I now sent the urgent prayer request and i joined in the vigil by faith. The next morning my parent were looking very sound especially my mum that was sick for almost two weeks and gradually dying.started telling me her dreams.

She was with the dead and living there. God brought her back to the land of the living. As for my dad three days waist pain vanished!! He has been limping but that Saturday morning he was so fit he even went for a long walk. I saw God in action. Thank you pastor for your fatherly concern. May God establish you and yours. Amen


Successful Operation

Testimony for a successful operation for my two months old baby. I was the woman that wrote prayer point three days ago. I give Glory to God almighty and thanks to everyone that pray along with me. I pray that the God will perfect His work upon my son’s life. Thank God for KHC I’m glad to be part of this great ministry.


Healed from Depressive bondage

Praise the Lord, I am healed emotionally. While reading the devotion this morning, I came across a word that described exactly what I had been going through: Depressive mood. Tears rolled down my eyes while I read this, I felt the presence of God standing right by my bed. This depression mood swing had affected me badly that I find it hard to be creative. I do a lot of creative work. But when this Depression mood swing set in, I become so resentful, that I cannot get involved in anything worth while. This morning I took hold of the Word pronounced by the Man of God, Pastor Dunamis. I am healed and I receive it by Faith. I will go and get depressed no môre. I will go and do creative work to Glorify the name of God. Hallelujah!!!

Victoria O

I want to thank God

I want to thank God for divine healing of this lump I’ve been feeling in my right breast for a while. I’m completely healed. Praise the Lord. May you also receive your healing a as you key into Pastor Dunamis prayers.



I bless God for the wonderful healing yesterday. before i read my devotion yesterday, i was suffering from body aches that made me very uncomfortable. the pain was as result of a dream I had that night. i could have gotten sick I said the prayers in the devotion and to the glory of God the pain left my body before I closed from work. I thank God for the healing and life of Pastor Dunamis.

Ernestina Obeng

I want to thank God

I want to thank God for the gift of life and for the prayer request I gave some time ago which God has answered and will manifest in no distance time

tessy dom

supernatural healing from cataarh

Almighty God just healed me of chronic cataarh which have been disturbing me for over 12 years. I return all the glory to Him. Praise be His Name forever.


Pain in my right leg

Last week, this pain in my right leg began, and i just couldn’t understand why. After the word of Pastor Dunamis on a lady with pain on the right leg, i immediately claimed it and instant healing i know is mine in Jesus name. Thank you Jesus.

Oluwadamilola Akinrinade`


I sent my prayer request last week concerning my marriage, husband and work. And things are beginning to look better it’s almost like I’m dreaming. My husband is more caring, more loving and protective, very supportive too and I’m enjoying open doors in business too. I bless the name of God. Hallelujah.


Divine Healing

Praise God. I want to thank the Lord for His healing power upon my life. I was returning from work on thursday the 24th day of March 2016 when suddenly I felt a sharp pain at my back; it continued through the weekend. On monday the 28th day of March 2016, I woke up in the morning and started reading the devotional for that day; while I was reading, I came across where Pastor Dunamis said and I quote “Now there is no distance in the spirit realm. 

Put your hands on where that sickness or pain is right now. I curse that sickness. I command the strongman of infirmity to lose its hold right now in Jesus name. That sickness dies now. That pain leaves now. I release over you the resurrection power from the crown of your head to the sole foyer feet! Be healed now in Jesus name! You can check your body now! Glory to God!” I did exactly what he said and that was how I was healed completely. Hallelujah!

Ruth Yas Tara

Divine Surprises

Some weeks back Pastor Dunamis mentioned in one of the daily devotional about getting surprises. Last week my boss who have been a thorn in my flesh, came to my office one morning and gave me an expensive dress and yesterday again a customer gave me an envelope with money in it. I return all the glory to God Almighty for the surprises and equally breaking the yoke of disfavour in my life. Thank you Jesus.

Amas Andrew

unmerited favour concerning my job interview

Am so thankful to God for unmerited favour concerning my job interview I sent message for prayer and God has answered my prayer. Thanking God for KHC more and million testimony to come.

soremekun olabisi itunu

God Surprised Me

For 2 days Pastor talked about Surprise and he kept saying God will surprise us.i have been owing somebody seventy thousand since last year and it was really weighing me down. It became my prayer point and since pastor talked about God surprising us, I keyed into it. Everyday I say God surprise me and just yesterday i went to this same persons shop, the bill of seventy thousand is no longer there. God really surprised me,He cleared my debt for me.To God Be the Glory

Obi Chidinma Jennifer

Debt Paid

I want to appreciate the God that does not store prayers. I entered into a business partnership with someone and since then he has been giving stories of how he mad loss, at a point he stopped picking my calls. But just two weeks ago, he paid in one third of the money with promises to pay the remaining soon. Am believing God he pay up before the month ends. I also want to bless God for delivering me from the wrong relationship, to God alone be all the glory. Thank u Pst Dunamis and Sophia!

Nina Charlie

divine healing

I want to use this opportunity to thank alll those who took out their time to pray for my sister. When I requested for a pray for her, she was almost gone as a result of the manipulations of the enemy from the pit of hell. But as prayings started going on for her, God sent an Angel who came to lay hands on her, and instantly she was healed. God is faithful., and He is a wonderful healer. I pray for God’s perfection in Jesus name.

matha olohiye

Divine Settlement

I came to lagos precisely 8th December 2015,i had a new job and was living with my aunt,after 3weeks of staying with them I was asked to move out 6th January 2016, for no just reason but I left since my salary was not big enough and my previous place of work I was not paid 4 3months so I eventually had little on me .I moved to a family friends place after after a months plus I was given 15th march 2016 to look for my own accommodation,due to d fact dat transportation was taking a lot from me and I had little to save .so they advised me to go back to Delta but I was persisten and I said I won’t go Go back,and I prayed n believed God for a new Job and a new accommodation as God is still giving us surprises I Started looking for a house without the money at hand as God will have it after a long search I finally got one very close to my office of which don’t even have to pay as low as 20 Naira to the office i just want Thank God for his provision.


Miracle working God

I serve a big God. Two weeks ago I sent in my prayer request and I was amazed at how I got notifications saying, I was been prayed for and every notification I got I said a prayer for the people praying. In December my company downsized and I was affected .I attend an interview in January with expectations of resuming in February but got no call. I gave up and started applying in other places to the Glory of God, I was called last week Friday to resume on Monday. God broke protocol for me because after my batch in January the bank conducted another in February ignoring the people they selected in January. Unmerited favour was mine in the whole of the January batch I was the only one called. Praise the lord. The lord that did these for me would also remember people believing him for a miracle job.AMEN As I still believe him to restore health to my mum and brother. And bring testimonies in my family God bless you all

Jennifer okolie

safe delivery

I want to thank God for a safe an stressfree delivery. I sent a prayer request when I was almost due to to t glory of God,i was delivered of a bouncing baby boy, no tear, no long labour and no stress. I give God all the glory. Halleluyah

Hope omolade

God gave me an Accommodation!!!

I give God all the glory for providing me with a good accommodation without paying much. I posted the prayer on this platform and now my God has done it. Father thank You.


release of detained car

I asked the people of God to pray for me concerning my detained car. To God be the glory the car has been released. praise the Lord.God bless khc

alero daibo

Miraculous Change of Genotype

Gdmorning pastor. I want to use this medium to appreciate you and your wife for your moral and spiritual support in my life and that of my friend. When we started dating he introduced me to the KHC and told me he would like us to read the daily devotion so as to help us in our spiritual, personal, relationship lives. When we realised how serious we were we both decided to be tested for our genotypes as I wasn’t sure of my genotype. When the result came out, I was tested “AS”. This was a great concern. I read the devotional archive for Dec 18th 2015 and keyed into the testimony.

I told him that we should fast and pray for the same God who gave the couple a testimony in KHC would definitely do the same for us. We started to fast and pray; unknown to me, my friend had asked God for a sign; a change in my gynotype would be to him a confirmation of God’s approval for us to be together. As funny as this sounds now, it made him pray even more.   Alas, the second test result came still ‘AS’, but we kept believing and persisting  through prayers, faith, perseverance ‎that my result had changed. I later went to a very credible lab around ikeja (opebi axies)   and got tested again only for the result to come out as “AA” to the glory of God as it can only be God that can do such miraculous wonder.

I want to use this medium to thank God because if we had decided to take decisions and conclusions into our hands without seeking God first we probably would have separated and ended our relationship. I also want to thank the KHC, pastor, our mummy Dunamis and also the members who take time to write and share their  testimonies, I pray that God would continue to strengthen you all in Jesus name, Amen.

erica otabor

New Job

Am thanking God for providing me with a new job. I came to KHC prayer website and asked for prayers concerning the job interview. And am happy to report I was called back and I resumed February ending. God be praised! He is a great and mighty God

Dora Imonikhe

Thanking God for an unexpected help.

I bless God for the day I came in contact with this page online, about two months ago the man of God released a key unto us as He said He felt the urgency to pray for us that early morning, He said we should pray with 1Chronicles 12 : 22 and also said we should hold our head with both hands which I did as instructed.

I prayed with the verse repeatedly and I received answers to my prayer from unexpected sources including my job, project in school and lots more. I now know that there is power in the word of God,I return all glory to God and I bless His holy name because He is a miracle working God.

Ajisafe Ayodele Anthony

Termination Of Employment Stopped By God

Today I faced a disciplinary panel over an incident involving two aircrafts that collided while I was moving one of the aircrafts. The circumstances surrounding the incident proved beyond doubt that I was at fault. 90% of the panelists had approved my sacking even before the final hearing of the matter. So the day before I would go to face the panel for the final hearing, I called on Pastor Dunamis to pray for me for God’s intervention. I also posted a prayer request on this platform asking members to pray for me. I called a couple of friends to also join me in prayers. To the glory of God, after the last hearing, God turned everything around in my favour. I wasn’t sacked as earlier agreed on by the panel, instead I was only punished with an 8 weeks suspension without pay. If I had been fired from the job it would have shattered my forthcoming wedding plans but our God successfully put the enemy to shame. I want to thank God for His divine intervention, and thanks too to the Man of God Pastor Dunamis and all of you who prayed for me. Our God is a prayer answering God. Hallelujah!!!

Henry Idu

Divine healing

I have returned to say thank you Jesus. Just like that one leper. Last week I was diagnosed of multiple fibroid which I asked you all  to pray  for me & with me. A day before yesterday, I went 4 an Xray & collected the result today. Because God’s report says I’m whole & that was the case, they couldn’t find anything. The doctor said & I qoute “Your report is very very ok”. Because He has perfected these, I know I will still come back to testify concerning my conception. Glory be to God because indeed He answers prayers. Thank u all for standing in the gap for me.



I’ve been having this pain in my torso for many months, of which the doctor gave me medication for ulcer and pain killers (after doing a test), but still the pain was still there. I went back to the doctor, who later said I would have to do another test, but it would be scheduled months later, so I was placed on pain killers. Later when I got back to Nigeria, I went to the the hospital did several tests (of which nothing was found). Though i was given medication. With all the medication, my health was getting worse(I was vomiting, lost my appetite, and I was loosing weight). This led me to be tired physically and mentally. Fortunately, with prayers and the mercy and grace of God (without it, I don’t know where I would be) I was healed, and i became strong and healthy. I thank the Lord our healer for everything. Hallelujah!!!!!!

Funmilola Olowookere

Thank You Lord for Answered Prayers

I submitted my petitions on the 24hrs page in which I prayed for a successful wedding ceremony of Mr&Mrs Victor Chigbue (my kid sis and hubby ) and equally for journey mercies to n from the venue and just as I asked God ,He did it…everything went well .There was no sad news of demise or accident nor ill health. .. Jus wanna thank you Lord…receive all the Glory, honor,power n majesty. I bless your Holy name. Thank you Khc family for your joint faith n prayers wf mine.Thanks Pastor&Mrs Dunamis&Sophia. ..God bless u n ur ministry.Amen.

Ugoo Aguh

safe delivery

I posted a prayer request few weeks to my delivery for an Hebrew women delivery, to the glory of God I went into the labour room an had my baby boy without any tear or long labour. People are still surprised at how easy everything went. I named him Jaden ( God has answered). Thank you so much for prayers, God is in this forum.

Hope omolade

God Provided My Rent!

Good morning KHCites, God bless you for your prayers. Last month I wrote my prayer requests & one of the things was my house rent I was seriously under pressure by the agent &I had pay it before the end of February or quit. But God showed up& devil was put to shame. Halleluyah! And I paid it on the 22nd of Feb. Please help me thank God he is indeed a good God& may he bless you all for your prayers! And also grant all your request in Jesus name! Amen


Miracle Baby

My sister has been married for 6 years now with no children. I have been believing God and fasting for them once a week. To the glory of God, she took in last month. Am eagerly counting down to the birth of that baby and believing God for more to come. God answers prayers, don’t give up no matter what happens


Kidnapped Wife Released Safely

Dear KHCites, top of the day to you. I wrote a prayer on this group about 2 to 3 weeks ago of a man by name George whose wife was kidnapped. To the glory of God, the woman has been released. She’s traumatised as I heard but we believe that the same God that saved her life will restore her. Thanks for all your prayers and God bless you.


Faithfulness of God on my life

Iam thanking God for his faithfulness on my life. He delivered me from making a wrong mistake of a marriage partner and opened my eye to see clearly what I was not seeing before and saving me of depression and helping me have a relationship with with God my father.

Helen Frederick

God is soooo good

I really want to bless the Name of the Lord for providing for us with things for the coming of our baby. When I didn’t know where the money was going to come from, God used my sister in-law to bless us by buying all the baby things. May the name of the be Praised. Amen


Successful Surgery

I’m thanking God and all of you for your prayers for my dad’s successful eye surgery on Monday 15th February.


A successful programme

Praise God everyone, i want to thank God for a successful programme over the weekend in church. God raised men to be of help to us, contributions and donations here and there. As at friday, we were still thinking how it was going to happen but God proved himself strong by providing more than we need. And most importantly, lives were changed and mindset renewed. Halleluyah

Adeola Osilaja

My God has started it!

Praise with me the God that answereth by fire! Halleluyah!!! I submitted my urgent prayer request about an outstanding payment I have which is overdue. I was looking for where to borrow the money from and pay back later. Without asking them to, some family members went out of their way to borrow the money and pay it in on my behalf (they getting the money to be lent out to them at all is a miracle because it is quite a large amount). I bless God for this. However, I still have some amount left to balance up but, I trust Jehovah Jireh, my Great Provider and Shepherd, who will not disappoint me. Faithful is HE who has begun this good work in and for me, who also will complete and perfect it. This therefore, is the first part of my testimony. I shall, by the special grace of Almighty God, come back before the end of April to share my FULL testimony. Shout Halleluyah to GOD!!!



Praise the Lord!!!! Dear KHCITES, on this platform, I asked God for a 24 hour miracle a few days back. God has answered them oooo. My mum who was sick has been healed totally. The programme in church was a revival. God touched lives and I am very grateful to God. Messages and feedbacks have been coming in and I am thankful to God. Finally, my mom made an investment that was almost going bad, God turned it around and today she is very happy. It made her cry a few days back. So I am thanking God for answered prayers. I know He will finish what he has started in Jesus Name. He will answer all our prayers because He is a prayer answering God. I am still believing God for answered prayers for my settlement in marriage and I know that He that started this good work in my life will be faithful and just to complete it. I believe in this prayer forum for the bible says…the effectual and fervent prayer of the righteous avails much. Join me to thank God and expect your testimonies.


Love Gift

I requested prayer for financial breakthrough among other things a few days ago. On Valentine’s Day I was tempted to relinquish church duties and stay home. I didn’t yield and attended services. At the end of services there were unexpected visitor’s who blessed me with a love gift right in my time of need. I want to praise God for that blessing.


Now Married!

After getting fed up of praying for a life partner, I called pastor Dunamis and explain my situation to him he prayed with and told me to be patient. To God be the glory the man after Gods heart came and things worked out the way we wanted it. Now we are married.


A New Job!

God has been faithful. Via this platform, he gave me a new job and it’s far better than any job have done. I was given the job without any interview conducted, neither did they ask for my credentials. I was only ask how much i wanted to earn. Trusting God for greater heights.


From AS to AA

After series of break ups from relationship for the same reason, I took a step of faith and went for another test and now, the Lord has changed my genotype from AS to AA. Praise God


God of KHC has dione it!

I put in a prayer yesterday about my health and that God should heal me so I can resume work on Monday. God has done it and am so so strong and hearty now. Praise his name.


Pain Disappeared

I have been having pains in my stomach after under going an appendix surgery since 2010, but the pain disappeared as I listened to Pastor Dunamis’ Audio Message where he said we should lay hands on any part of our body that we have pain. I give God all the glory, thanks sir for the world you speak into my life.

Mary Alonge

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