This group is for those who are in courtship, getting ready for marriage.

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Vision of Club

Vision (Kiddies)
To assist parents and guardians in training up children in the ways they should go, to impart necessary foundational teachings that will eventually produce a new generation of sexually sanctified children who will raise God's banners. 

Vision (Singles)
To raise a generation of people devoid of sexual perversion who will say NO to Sex outside marriage, who will be committed to sexual sanctity, whose ultimate goal is their relationship with God, who will put the Word of God first place and who will walk in the spirit daily.

Vision (Married Couples)
To emphasize marital commitments, marital sanctity, a good family life and raising godly children as instituted by God, and to restore godly passion in marriages thereby bringing about a radical reduction of divorce rates and eradicating all other vices threatening marriages and homes.