Glory to God Confession

Glory to God. God is working in me both to will and to do of His good pleasure. By His spirit, the Lord is working out His good pleasure to bring me out of a narrow place and bring me to a larger place of his blessing. As I draw closer to God in this season, I hear His voice more clearly and more accurately. I am strengthened with mighty power in my inner man. The joy of the Lord fills my heart and so I rejoice continually in the horn of my salvation.

I come boldly and I receive God’s Mercy and find Grace to help in the time of need. I drink from the presence of the Lord and drink until I am filled. As I tarry in His presence, He envelopes me in His love and His awesomeness overshadows me. I receive new dreams, new visions and new confidence fill my heart. The blessing of the Lord is coming upon me in increased measure.

This is the time and season of refreshing. It’s my time of visitation that comes from the presence of the Lord. The Holy Spirit is doing a greater and fresh work in my spirit. As I rejoice and respond to the Joy of the Lord, the enemy’s mouth is shut and the strategies of the enemy is put to flight and he runs from me.

This anointing rests upon me and the blessing and favor of God is increasing upon my life and I come out of a narrow place into a larger place of the blessing of the Lord.

The anointing of the Lord is falling on me like rain. The anointing and rain of the Holy spirit. I drink from the presence of Lord. I drink until I am satisfied, until I am filled. The Lord is equipping me to and supplying me with all I need to do His will. I enjoy His blessing like I never did before.

Written by Pastor Sophia

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