Declaration on the Favour of God

Culled from Pastor’s Sophia’s book.

God’s presence is around me and His spirit is within and upon me, therefore I am favoured. This presence makes a difference in my life so I am favoured in my workplace and distinguished. (Gen.39:3-4)

God made me righteous and so there is a shield of favour round about me (Ps.5:12). There is a running-over-blessing upon my life and I enter into abundance (Ps.23:5-5). My night time season of weeping is over. The favour of God turns things around in amazing ways for my good. I am a candidate and recipient of God’s favour because Jesus qualified me by His blood. (Ps.30:5)

God smiles upon me and I enjoy heavenly attention and angelic intervention (Num.6:23). God has dignified my life and the mark of honour is upon me, so anywhere and everywhere I go, I am celebrated.

Honour is reserved for me at all times and in all places (Ps.8:4-6). The Almighty beautifies, glorifies and crowns me with loving kindness and tender mercies. I don’t require the validation of others, God makes me strong and I am satisfied by His presence (Ps.103:4-6).

My life, career, home, marriage and future is in God’s hands since He has them all planned out, I do not need to worry or be agitated; my God is in control (Jer. 29:11)

As I progressively learn to seek the Lord, He will reveal great and wonderful things in store for me (Jer.33:3). The gracious generosity and undeserved favour of the Lord is upon me. Because of His grace upon me, He, even though was rich became poor that I may be made rich (2 Cor.8:9).

I am so blessed with an irreversible blessing because I have been blessed with heavenly blessings in Christ (Eph.1:3). The favour of the Lord makes heaven resources to be lavished upon my life, in wisdom, understanding and sound mind (Eph. 1:7)

God favours me not because I am qualified by my works, but because Jesus qualified me by His death and resurrection (Tit.3:4-7).  God will surprise me as this is my season of favour and God’s favour positions me to receive honour and kind treatment everywhere I go (Lk. 1:30),

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