Declaration of God’s over your life

The influence of Gods word is over my life is on the increase. The Grace and Glory of God is multiplying in my life.  God is granting me acceleration and speed and what I could not achieve in ten years I am achieving now in Jesus Name. Because I believe, the blessing of the Lord is multidimensional in my life.

Over my life, business, career, organisation,  and over SGC and KHC , the glory of the Lord is spreading. Fresh fire is burning and new strength is ours. The voice of the Lord, the voice of His spirit shall be amplified and multiplied.  We carry the glory and fire of the Holy Ghost and rejoice in His goodness, for this is the day the Lord as made.

Our health is restored. Our bodies are healed and we enjoy sound mind. God is healing every wound in my life and replacing them with gladness of heart. The glory and presence of the Lord is restoring health to me.

The Lord is turning my mourning into dancing. Every cloud of depression and darkness over my head is lifted right now in Jesus name. I resist the devil right now and he flee from me. I have the victory because Jesus gave me the victory when he died and rose from the death. The Lord is bringing refreshing to my life. The out pouring and river of the spirit is falling from heaven upon us in Jesus name.

My days of struggling is over. No more struggles financially, martially, emotionally, or materially. I will never be broke another day in my life. God is taking away every delay and whatever is standing in the way of my blessing is removed in Jesus name.

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