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Pro 31:10 KJV
Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.

Pastor Sophia writes:
‘Virtuous’ from the Hebrew word ‘Chayil’ means excellence, strength, ability, efficiency and force. She is the woman considered as ‘balanced.’ She has her acts together. She has wisdom and strength and the force of an army. She is
the epitome of Christian virtue in feminine form. She is the one who has discovered the secret of drawing strength from her maker and Lord.

She is gracious and elegant in every way, strong within and she stands for what she believes. She is a woman who knows her individuality and uniqueness and yet submits her will, desires and opinions to her husband. She is not trapped, hindered or subservient. She is just submissive. She is not limited or restricted, she is simply fantastic.

All these may not sound like what you see in your wife or what you are now as a lady, but there is a hidden desire in every lady to become the Proverbs 31 woman.

God does not focus on our past, or concentrate on how fragile we are in the present. God looks out with pleasure and sees what we are capable of becoming in the future.

We are all ‘projects in progress’ God is still very much at work within us, healing the wounds from our past and strengthening our weak hands. Don’t allow anybody to abuse or despise you. Don’t condemn yourself. Only one person can condemn you, and that is God! But he has refused to do that!

Believe in yourself! You are the virtuous woman in Proverbs 31, the writer just wanted you to have the honour of putting your name there by yourself. Remember, the one who formed you said ‘you are very good!’

Pastor Dunamis writes:
A virtuous woman is chaste. She is not available for everybody. She keeps herself for her husband. She is not generous with her body. Her price is far above rubies, she would not sell her body or give in to sex because of some amount of money. She protects her body because she knows such things are wrong and that she would also be offending God. She does not fool herself.

She doesn’t party or frolic around. She is conscious of spiritual things. She has self-control. She develops herself before marriage. She is God-conscious. 

She might have gone through some abuse, but she refuses to give up and be counted as one of the unfortunate statistics. She is a fighter. She knows that God would not consult her past to determine her future. She might have had an abusive past, but she is willing to let her past go in order to master her future. She knows that she might have become the offspring of her past because of circumstances, but she can rebel and become the parent of her future.She knows that the best days are ahead of her, so she pays the price for sexual sanctity by saying No to pre-marital sex. She respects her body, so others have no choice but also to respect her.

She knows that her source of strength is the word of God. She does not look for acceptance or love from guys, she seeks it from God because that is where it can only come from. She is truthful and she does not double-date. She knows that double-dating is rehearsal for adultery. She carries herself with dignity and will not allow every Tom and Jerry to fondle her body which is the temple of God!

A virtuous woman protects her husband by satisfying him always sexually. She knows that his vulnerability will increase and become more intense if she does not. She refuses to cheat on her husband. She refuses the advances of her boss and colleagues. She knows that her body is the temple of the Holy Ghost and it is not to be defiled.

She is a prayer machine! She prays for her husband and her children. She prays for her fiancée and coming marriage. She knows that prayers and God’s word will solve every riddle, dissolve every enigma and bring solutions to impossible cases.

She puts the word of God first place, she is hard-working, and she is enterprising. She stirs up her gift. She is a believer, full of hope. She is a dreamer. She is a helper indeed. She is a wife not a knife. She is a supporter. She is an achiever. She is a mother or mother to be. She is not a compromiser. She stands for the truth, she is full of integrity.

That is the woman to be! That is the woman to be or to go for! she can only be found by the man that God has prepared for her, so she is not desperate. She is patient to see God unveil His plan for her!

Not everybody is qualified to have her. A man that lacks self-control is not her potential candidate. It takes a king to have a queen. A deceptive man is not her candidate. A man that cannot zip up is not her attraction. She is not tipped or trapped by a guy who is willing to compromise her virtue in order to satisfy his lust. She refuses to be fooled over and over again by a man who is only a sweet talker but a God hater! She will always go for a man that fears God!

If you find yourself falling short as a woman, don’t resign to fate, but rather start over in God. Make up your mind to make your life significant and to do it God’s way. And God will help you! And here is the clincher, in every lady and woman is that seed of virtue! It doesn't matter where you are now or where you have been, God sees you with the eyes of what you can be and what He has created you to be and not what you have done and that is why Jesus died for you while you are yet a sinner...so rise up with every fiber of your being and cry aloud: The virtuous woman in me is coming out this year! I will do it God's way! Respond to His love today and watch your life receive a turn around!

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I discover and develop my God given gifts and talents. I am a unique individual with a purpose to pursue and fulfill.

Father in Jesus’ name, I ask for a spirit of wisdom and revelation in discovering my purpose and the grace to maximize it.

Pro 29:18 MSG
If people can't see what God is doing, they stumble all over themselves; But when they attend to what he reveals, they are most blessed.

Remove the mental block and limitation that exist only in your mind.

(As the events occur in real time) 
Jan 8: Job 17-20

By Dunamis & Sophia Okunowo

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  • God's will,the only way
  • My God! Dis is inspiring, i'm bless! Thnk u sir & ma
  • Partner
    Amen! Ditto! Wonderful piece! I will do it God's Way!! Thanks Pastors Sophia and Pastor Dunamis!
  • Thanks dad & Ma' for this word! The virtuous woman in me is coming out! I will do it God's way!
  • Thank u pastor!
  • This is inspiring and thoughtful.may God make me one indeed.
  • I'm a virtuous woman in Jesus' Name!
  • God! Pls by your grace oh Lord give me a virtous mowan, God fearing, Home maker above all Bone of my Bone. Am a King so I qualify for a Queen. Tnx u Pastor God Bless u sir
  • Partner
    I am a virtous woman in Jesus Name. Thanks sir A̶̲̥̅̊N̶̲̥̅̊D̶̲̥̅̊ ma, I am not there yet, but definitely,I am not where I was...thank you Lord!
  • God bless U̶̲̅ sir
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