Daily Declarations for Wives

My father, I thank you for the man you have given unto me as my husband and my crown.

I am submissive to my husband, I adapt myself and I defer to him as the head of the family, just like Jesus is the head of the church. I have reverence for my husband; I respect him, defer to him, rever him and honour him. I esteem my husband; I appreciate, prize and adore him.

Lord, teach me daily to deeply love my husband. I will not be distracted by negative influences.

I cultivate inner beauty; I am kind and gracious. I am good and loyal to my husband. I will not be a hindrance to our destiny, but a help-meet suitable for my husband.

I respect my husband and I allow him to have the last say. Our family is covered by the blood of Jesus.

I declare that I am a homemaker and a home builder. I receive the grace to function in that which God has called me to as a wife to my husband and a mother to my children. I am not overwhelmed, confused or depressed. I have the joy of the Lord at all times. I am not frustrated and disorganized. I am strengthened in God and I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.

We are of the same mind, united in spirit, sympathizing with one another and loving one another.

I will not scold, tongue lash or berate my spouse but rather I will bless and pray for our welfare, joy and protection everyday. I forgive easily and I declare our family blessed in Jesus name!

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