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Lord, I thank you for my wife and the mother of my children. I thank you for giving me such a great woman as my wife.

Lord, I declare that I am taught how to live considerably with my wife, I have intelligent recognition of the marriage relationship, I honour my wife as physically the weaker, and so I will never raise my hands against her.

I declare my prayers are answered because I treat my wife gently and appropriately.

I am faithful to my wife and she will continually make me happy. I am delighted with my wife’s body and I am excited at her appearance.

I love my wife and I value her contribution as help-meet in my life. My wife is a virtuous woman and I greatly delight in her.

My wife is a spring of water and a fresh flowing fountain for me. My wife is lovely as an angel and beautiful as a rose. I will keep taking delight in her body and I will not take her love for granted.

I honour my wife and I will always protect her. I will listen to her and will not shut her up or mute her.

We are enamoured by God’s power and our union is blessed. Our family is favoured and it is well with us everyday of our lives.

We are of the same mind, united in spirit, sympathizing with one another and loving one another.

I will not scold, tongue lash or berate my spouse but rather I will bless and pray for our welfare, joy and protection everyday. I forgive easily and I declare our family blessed in Jesus name!

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One thought on “Daily Confession for Husbands

  • Akudo Shalom

    Amen o! Dear God, kindly give me a worthy son of yours as my husband who will declare thus on me in Jesus Mighty name l Pray. Amen & Amen. Blessings Pastor for wisdom to arrange powerful declarations that will build homes to God’s glory. Amen